Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The World is Filled With Stupid People

Maybe it is just me or maybe it is my beloved home state, but I have run into a ton of asshats lately. Could I just be testy and everything is getting to me? Sure. I have a ton of anxiety right now and even if I could afford a nice soothing massage to relieve some of my tension, I am afraid I am wound so tight I would break in half if someone touched me. (Isn't my husband lucky?)

The asshats I have encountered make me want to kick someone in the vagina including but not limited to:

People who make a left turn but immediately have to get into the right lane so they just stop in the middle of both lanes and debate what to do in their head.

The moms who just leave their garbage on the table at chick fil a, because why would she possibly put her garbage in the garbage can that is 3 feet from her?

The man who just stood there as I struggled to get past his daughter without hitting her in the head with the baby in his car seat (I forgot how heavy car seat + babies are. I might as well carry a full grown man in one arm!) and knocked over a chair at his table. He watched as I struggled to pick up the chair without dumping my baby out of the seat. A 8 year old boy helped me while he still did nothing.
Thanks, d*ck.

Is there anyone you want to rant about today?


  1. Kristi1:59 PM

    Drivers are driving me nuts! Why the hell do people get into a turn lane that gives you your OWN LANE once you turn, but they still wait for every single car in the vacinity to clear?

  2. I would like to rant about the assholes who want to charge me $1,000 so I can pass my emissions test.

    Thank you. I feel better now. And thank goodness there are still some sweet boys out there, even if they are only 8.

  3. Here's your sign!

  4. can't leave the freakin house due to the heat and the smoke. and if i do, it's at the crack of dawn. whaaah.

  5. Here's a good one...

    Our neighbor's dog bit one of the girls in the neighborhood yesterday. When the girl's mother confronted the dog owner, the dog's owner actually said, "What do you want me to do about it?"

    Good thing it wasn't my kid.

  6. I love it people, keep em coming!

  7. Yeah, there is.
    1. Why does my f#*^in mother -in- hell feel the need to sabatoge my husbands day off.Most of it not her fault but she needs to get a life with friends to help her out so we dont have to be burdened with her every need 24 -7.I did not get to see my hubby and wont get to spend time with him because of his new schedule and she decides to monopolize our time.BITCH!!! My kids and I wont get to be with him til mabe tuesday if were lucky,and she better not stick her nose in on our family time or call us at 6 a.m.
    2. I was waiting with blinkers on for a parking space and thes ghetto ,rude,asshole black bitch just drives in the space I was waiting for.I let her have it and gave her the bird.She will get hers.
    3. Telemarketers!! what part of NO dont they understand and what part of dont ever call me again dont they understand.SHEESH
    4. Laundry....Does anyone know they can wear the outfit twice and does anyone know how easy it is to put a load in ,push the button and then throw it in the dryer!!! Why do I always get stuck with this chore hmmmm !!!
    5. Last one.Why cant the cable company keep there stuff working.Its been the upteenth time I was not able to use my computer or phone for hours ,and even days.I will be looking to switch.I am sick and tired of paying top dollar for shit.
    Those are the top rants of the week.Wow,I feel better already,mabe it will be a good day.

  8. I just love the term asshat. I think it's very fitting. Sorry about the super rude guy. It's crazy how clueless some people are. That's nice about the 8 year old, though.


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