Monday, July 14, 2008

Sex and Smelly Pits

You know what the best part of being pregnant is?
Not having your period.
I have not had my period in 12 months now, and for that I am oh so grateful. Not grateful enough to go messing around with that seasonale because having your period just four times a year is just not right, but grateful. BUT! When you are nursing and have no period it could be because of two reasons: you are nursing or pregnant. How would you ever know which because, again, not looking for the period to come calling anytime soon.

So now as I sit here wondering why I am so tired (uuumm, because you have 3 kids) my mind wanders to the feeble sex life* I have had since I had baby K, otherwise known as "Sweet Thighs". Could I be pregnant? Nah. Pregnancy would be BAD. But. Maybe I should get a dollar tree test juuuust to make sure.
BTW, praying not to be pregnant and wondering how the condom could have failed me brings me back to my 20s.
You know, the good 'ole days.
Fun times.

Also? Why do my armpits seem to smell more since I have had Sweet Thighs?
Is my trusted Secret deodorant failing me? Is this something that is common after a pregnancy but I failed to read about in pregnancy books?
No? Okay then carry on.

* can you believe we still do it? We are broke, what else are we going to do for fun?
Go enter my contest, fools.


  1. Yes, it's totally because of the pregnancy. My deodorant completely stopped working during my first pregnancy and NEVER STARTED again! So if you find one that works, please fill me in!

  2. ROFL, you totally crack me up! Well, there is a Clinical Strength Secret that you can buy over the counter that works really, really well. At least for me it does.

  3. I second the Clinical Strength Secret, great stuff!

    You make me laugh...hey keep doing it!!

  4. As much as I think periods are a pain in the ass, and how I'm looking forward to menopause, I still think it's wrong to mess w/your cycle. Just because the pharmaceutical companies came up w/pills, etc. to make you have only 1 to 4 periods a year doesn't mean you should. Nature makes you have a period for a reason.

  5. The hormones that are slowly withdrawing from your body are creating the stench. It happened to me. Not sure if it's because I stopped pumping, or it's been long enough, but the stench is gone. Well, unless I don't shower, and that is a possibility more often than not.

    But, I don't wake up in the night to feed the baby drenched in sweat and stink to the high heavens.

    Exactly 1 month, 4 weeks after I stopped pumping my cycle returned.

    I by no means want an Irish twin. Condoms are the drug of choice, for now.

  6. Each pregnancy seems to be filled with exciting new things like smelly pits.

  7. maybe it's just stress and tiredness.

  8. I love it when you talk dirty like this.

  9. I will be wishing you the best and that you get whatever outcome you truly want.

  10. It's like you go into my brain sometimes. I am so glad to hear that your pits smelled after a baby too. Mine did for a while, but it has sense gone away, thank goodness. And oh, the condom thing, that is so us! (Did I tell too much, oops)

  11. Ummmm you know that second child I have? Yeah she was conceived three months after I had my first, when a condom broke. Little baby Trojan. We love her.

    As for deodorants, I prefer Lady Mitchum, even though I hate that it has the word Lady in its name.

  12. I was so jipped! My period came back when my second baby was 4 months old. He's now 15 months old and STILL NURSING!!! Yeah, enough about me, this is your blog.

    I did the stinky pits thing too after baby #2 came. It goes away. In the meanwhile, I second Meredith's vote for Lady Mitchum.


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