Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Liar Within

A push up bra, spanx, face lifts, the miracle swimsuit, 4 inch heels, hair extensions, wigs and lip plumper. These are all lies we tell ourselves......or are they? Maybe you think they are just "enhancements" to your real self.

"I will do it tomorrow, you look great, the baby is adorable, you don't look fat, just one more, I will start on Monday" are all lies we tell others. Or are they lies we tell ourselves as well?

What kind of lies do you tell others or do you lie to yourself to keep from going crazy? I know I have to keep certain things from my own brain because if I have to think about it even for one second, I know I will self destruct.
I lie.
We all lie and if you think you don't lie to anyone including yourself, well, that is the biggest lie of all.


  1. Kristi11:12 AM

    I'm not saying you're wrong, but I DO disagree with you. Pushup bras (etc) aren't lies, they are just a form of trying to make youself look as good as you can. If you were lying to yourself, you wouldn't even think you needed them.

    I don't think I lie to myself. I've come to terms with who/what I am and what I look like. That doesn't mean that I won't try to look better, though.

  2. kristi, valid point but are pushup bras, toupees and such false advertising, lies for others?

  3. Kristi2:46 PM

    OK, you've got a valid point BUT it's only false advertising IF I'm advertising. I'm not selling anything or trying to prove myself to anyone anymore. That hasn't always been the case but at 41 I've come to terms with "me" Is that just because of my age? I dunno but it really is how I feel.

    For the people out there trying to be something they're not, that's a different story. But even still, I'd only look at it as falst advertising if they deny they've had work done or something like that. Wanting to look your best isn't a lie.

    In any case, I do believe this is a great topic of discussion and I look forward to hearing all the different ideas that the other women have.

    I can assure you that I'll be thinking about this one for a few days.

  4. Ugh, I hear you on this one. I'm a lying liar. Just ONE MORE COOKIE won't matter. See? Liar.

  5. I have no problem with the push up bra lies.

    Let'em lie I say!

  6. slick WOULD say that!! ;)

    I lie to myself all the time, about how I look...then I see pictures and the truth slaps me in the face. not pretty.

  7. Beth, STOP IT! You are hot!!!

    I don't lie to myself about my appearance, I don't think, but I do about other stuff ... like, oh, I'm gonna run a 5K. Stuff like that.

  8. Kristi7:21 AM

    As expected, I thought about this alot this weekend and have some questions for YOU! LOL

    Ok, do you think wearing makeup is lying or false advertising? Are highlights?

    When I asked my husband about this he said he didn't think it was but we DO both know people who look NOTHING like the way we normally see them once they take their makeup off. I mean, seriously different. It's kind of freaky really.

    I don't know if lying to myself is the right term but I do notice that I don't like the difference I seem to notice between viewing myself in the mirror as oposed to how I look in photos.

    Thanks for such a great, thought provoking post. This one really had me thinking about how I view myself and others!

  9. kristi, I am glad I got you thinking! I don't think makeup, highlights or spanx are lies. I think they are enhancements.

    I do think sometimes we portray ourselves differently then who we really are. Is that lying? Maybe, or maybe being on you best behavior or always trying to look your best is a lie we all tell.

  10. So I realize I'm commenting on something that's weeks old, but this is an interesting question. I guess if you overlook the spanx, the bra that minimizes my boobs (I'm a big B-cup, but I hate boobs - too much in the way), highlights etc., I would have so say that I feel like I'm more "on" via email or phone than I am in person. I get all nervous around others in person.

    I pretend to be really put out by Britney Spears, but the truth is, I really would like to see her turn things around for herself.

    I pretend to know exactly who I know I'm going to vote for in the fall, but the truth is, I'm a tad bit undecided. I really want Obama, but I'm worried that if he wins (whoever) wins, this presidency will be wasted on that person. Can they turn things around? I don't want Obama to get in and then be a disappointment, but I don't identify with the GOP at all.

    Everything you never asked about me, but I told you anyway!


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