Monday, August 25, 2008

Doing What We Can

What do you think of my redesign? I love it and I have to thank Jen from The Trendy Mommy, she is great to work with and is brilliant!
This new design is making me want to do other new things on this blog, so look for a vlog from me soon. Unless I chicken out which, let's face it, is a possibility.

I am also updating my links to my favorite blogs. Some of my old favorites are MIA or not updating so often anymore. I don't like to have a huge blogroll, just some great reads that I enjoy. If you are missing from my blogroll let me know!
Ohh and I have a great giveaway going on until Friday here.

I also want to talk about my last post. I think that it is becoming more and more a debated topic amongst parents and I think it should be. This is not thirty years ago where you blindly followed your doctor's order and swallowed whatever pill he told you would make you "better". I think doctors need to be more in tune with the mind/body/spirit as a whole. Medications are not the only answer.
To vaccinate or not is not the core issue in my post, it is that as a mother I have to be an advocate for my children. As a client I need to be able to speak with my doctor about why we are taking this course of action, is there an alternative and what are the consequences without being judged, or criticized.
We need to demand more from our doctors, the pharmaceutical companies and our government who approves and regulate our drugs.
Really, who can't be on board with that?

Edit: I just came across this fantastic article and I though I would share.

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  1. Love the redesign, very cute!

    I agree with the vaccinations, I'm not opposed to them but I would prefer one (or possibly two) at a time to give the baby's system a chance to adjust. Where I live it's somewhat difficult to find a provider willing to cooperate with that idea. I've found one but it wasn't as easy as it should have been.

  2. Really the only reason my docotr wouldn't let me delay or give 1 vaccine at a time? Because he was afraid of gettins sued. That is what he told me. So my child's health should be compromised because he could get sued.


  3. The redesign looks awesome, I love the cupcake tree!

    Unfortunately the fear of lawsuits probably plays a big part in a lot of decisions by a lot of people. It's a shame.

  4. I am so in love with your new layout. Pink is such a great color and syncs with your cake/cupcake theme perfectly.
    I went ahead w/ the vaccine sched. but am sort of wishing I would have done more research. I blame it on sleep deprivation.
    Next time around I will be more cautious.

  5. The Jillybean6:04 AM

    I LOVE the new look!!

  6. Mary Anne7:10 AM

    Your design is gorgeous! Also, did you make it through the first day of school okay or have yours not started? Mine are 9 and almost 7...I cried like a baby both times when they started kindergarten but now I'm happy to see them go back to school after having zero structure all summer and repeatedly trying to kill eachother. You will get through it and it's okay to cry! :)

  7. I am very lucky to have a doctor for my son and daughter who I feel is in tune with the person that I am. She's a great listener and a mother of children around my children's ages so she understands alot of what I am going through.

    I feel that my questions are answered to the best of her ability and that she's unable to help me she will pursue all avenues to get the answers both she and I need.

    As I said I feel very lucky to have found her.

  8. I like the new look... and, unlike some other blogs after a substantial re-work, this one loads just as quickly, if not more quickly, than the older one. That makes it practical as well as beautiful... just like Tuesday Girl!

    And I'm glad to see you ruffled some feathers with your comments about vaccinations. It scares me to think there are people out there who take their doctor's word as gospel and don't challenge what they're being told.

    And I'm awaiting your vlog with baited breath. And, please, don't bother getting all dressed up just for me!

  9. I like the new look. The colors are very pretty!

  10. Your new look is fabulous. Love it.

  11. Just found your blog and love the design. I may be biased as I have one by Trendy Mommy too. I am with you on the vaccination issue and the advocating for our kids issue. The doctor's point about being sued was a lame one. I also do not believe it to be a very valid concern.

  12. I LOVE your new design...and the tree with the cupcakes...very original.
    P.S. If you do decide to do the Wall Project, let me know, I would love to see your pics!

  13. Three responses
    1. Love the new look, the old one was cute too.
    2. Thanks for the nod to the socks, those will be great for my kiddos.
    3. Totally agree with your stance on keeping your children healthy the way you think. We have brains too, not just the drs.

  14. very cool site. nice work!

    ugh, having another baby makes this whole vaccination issue come back around for me again. 1st son got everything when he was supposed to except I split the chicken pox duel vaccination for two separate. I know, rebel.

    Hola's 2 month appt, I got all the shots they offered. Heading back for 4 month appt next week. What are my options, just delay? only get two out of 4? I do believe in getting the shots, but getting fewer at a time, would that make a good enough difference?? ugh.

  15. Thanks guys I am glad you like the site.

    Mel, you just have to do what is right for you.

  16. The blog looks great! She did a nice job.

    If you haven’t already entered, this is the last week of our contest. All you have to do is guess. :)

  17. Well, I didn't see your site before the redsign, but I love it. I just recently found you and have read back through a few posts and I really identify with your writing. I totally agree with your last posts and luckily, my Pediatrician is very open and honest with me. I shall return to read even more! You are a fantastic read.


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