Friday, August 29, 2008

Google Me

I love looking at how people came to find this little blog in the big bloggy world. I crack up on a daily basis at just what people google. Let's be honest, I am often repulsed too. Wanna see what got people here just yesterday?

Vagina tricks. I get this one a lot. Do women actually have tricks that their vagina can do and I was out that day of class? Please, if you know of any vagina tricks you think I should be aware of, let me know.
I think just maintaining the vagina is a trick in itself.

a girl sleeps with 20 men how many has she blown. This is a sneaky question. Did she sleep with all 20 men in one night, or was this in a 30 year period.
How old is this whore?
She has probably blown all of them and you are the only one she hasn't.
Check your shit and make sure you are properly grooming and then maybe you will get some south of the equator loving.

orgasms torture'. This is the true story of the little orgasm that could. It just sat there waiting to be called up to the plate and be hit right out of the park. Instead it sat in the dark, dank abdomen of some loser whose girl friends slept with 20 guys and blew them all, but alas, not him.

how to give a girl a boob massage. Newsflash- Girls don't want a boob massage. That is called groping.
YOU want to feel a girl up, but the girl does not want a massage on her boobs, she wants one of her feet or her lower back.
Then get out.

want to see my ass. Why? Is it out of the ordinary? Because normal, run of the mill ass is nothing special, been there done that. If you have pimple scars on your ass or perhaps a droopy, wrinkly, old man ass, then I would love to take a look-see.
I am slightly fascinated with wrinkly grandpa ass.
Oh, stop it, like you wouldn't look!

P.S. last day to enter to win these.

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  1. I used to know one girl who did kegal exercises as part of her daily workout! Golly... maybe I should check to see if I can find her now...

  2. Okay, so how much do I love this list? Hilarious! Many people have found my site because one night I posted something about Corey Haim and Cough Syrup while kind of out of it...on couph syrup. Not as racey as your google searches, but I think we can both agree, much more shameful.

  3. W.O.W. and I thought my google searches were wild. You win!

  4. I feel so boring. I stumbled on your site through a link on someone else's site. Can't remember whose just now, though. No bizarre Google searches for me. How unoriginal.

  5. Orgasms torture sounds like a good name for either a metal band or a science fiction book series.

    I am consistenly found thanks to Google searches for 'monkey porn,' 'doing it doggy style' and the lyrics to the songs in Dirty Dancing.

  6. UR, kegals are not tricks. IF they were there would be many more female magicians.

    jen- Stop posting about corey haim and maybe you won't have to drink so much.

    emily- do I? :)

    trish- you are not boring but an original!

    differnt kind of girl- 'monkey porn,' 'doing it doggy style' and the lyrics to the songs in Dirty Dancing? I need to visit your blog more often.

  7. What kind of tricks should a vagina be able to do? Fetch?

  8. Kristi12:08 AM

    ok I'm totally clueless... so how do you look up the searches people used to get to this blog?

  9. kristi, do you have site meter or any statcounter on your site? If you do just look up "keywords".

  10. As House once said, "If you took all the porn off the internet there'd only be one site left named www. bring back the

  11. lol!i guess i should have left some bread crumbs or something to find my way back through all the links it took to get to your blog. ;)

  12. Ha ha ha ha ... yes! Foot massage here, please.

  13. I just want to clarify, I found you completely innocently. I haven't searched for 'orgasms torture' for like, forever.

  14. HILARIOUS. Who are these people who do those searches??? Creepy, yet funny. Thanks for the laugh!

  15. So funny, I love what gets them to my site too, but yours seems way more interesting. Mine is usually Rainbow Poop


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