Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Enough serious talk around here, let's get down to business. I need some levity. When I say I am stressed, I mean I am on the verge of breaking and it will not be pretty. If you think I am bad you should see my husband. Budum Bum. Nine months of job searching, worrying about money and when we will lose everything has taken its toll on E and there is nothing I can do about it. I know he has taken the brunt of our burdens and troubles because I was pregnant or just had a baby and he wanted to shelter me from it. He is a good man.
BUT! Now he has a job and even if it is 5 hours away from us and we will be separated, it is a job and hopefully in the end missing out in seeing his kids every day will be worth it.
It just has to be.

What was that I was saying about levity?

It takes serious guts to wear a orange pantsuit, Hilary. You just may have had the balls to be president.

Also? Why does Dan only talk at a yell on Big Brother? Take it down a notch Dan!

Yesterday my daughter didn't want to wear her bikini under neath her dress because she thought everyone would "see her bra!" then she ran around the house yelling " I have big boops!"
God, I love five.

My son wouldn't eat his favorite homemade coleslaw last night because some of the juice from his tomatoes on his plate ran into the slaw. I told him that didn't matter, and that he could still eat it.
"What?" he yelled "Do you you eat pickles in pudding? No!"
I have no idea where that came from, but he had a great fucking point.
No coleslaw for him.

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  1. "If she gave him one of her cojones, they'd both have two."
    -James Carville, May 4 2008, regarding Hillary and 0bama.

  2. I never mis my pickles with my way.

    and I guess I job is a job, right? even if it IS 5 hours away.....that kinda sucks

  3. The Jilly Bean12:28 PM

    Ummm, smart boy! Oh, and you have an award over at place. Stop in some time and grab it.

  4. Oh boy, I feel ya' on this one. DH and I are in jobs, him very unhappily, mine possibly gone soon as a result of a merger, but we couldn't really do anything because of pregnant and the new baby. And we keep doing it because day care costs a ridiculous amount, so much that it's not worth it to work in order to make enough to barely pay for day care.
    Arrrgggh. When women rule the world.. which won't be in 2009 unfortunately.

  5. I love big brother...

    I'm so pumped he has a job, this is just another hurdle and it too will pass

  6. I'm sure the job will work its self out. At worst, it's a job for now and maybe he can find something else closer? Also, totally feeling you on the orange Hillary. It IS the new black or whatever, but it really wasn't working for me.

  7. Hey, tell him I eat pickles and Cheetos so man up with the coleslaw already! hehe

  8. We've been in the job loss, take one even though the situation sucks because of it hole, too. You're on one side of the scale and thankful, but the other side is teetering with lots of dark thoughts. I hope you can keep things balanced.

    I also wish I had some homemade coleslaw. Seriously. I am starving!

  9. Ha! Your son is a smart one! Too cute! I hope things get better for your family.That has to be so hard having your family separated.

  10. I'm not the only one who watches Big Brother! Woo! And yeah, I always turn down the volume when Dan is in the diary room.

    Your kids are hilarious.


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