Thursday, August 07, 2008

Some Great Blogs

Miss Blondie sent me this awesome award and even though I know I kick some serious ass, it is nice to hear it from someone else. Thank you Miss Blondie!

So I have to sent this award to 5 other kick ass bloggers:

Midwestern Mommy- she even kicks cancer's ass!

TKO- she finally has her baby girl, I am so happy for her family

Uneasy Rider- he is an amazing dad of three

Motherhood Uncensored- she started the blogging the recession, she rocks

Domestic Chicky- never laughs at my stupid questions

Perhaps this will lead you to some great new reads and in return I would love to hear about your favorite blog right or a new blog you just found, because I would love some new reads for my blogroll!


  1. Thanks for the compliment, Tuesday! :) You rock too!

  2. UR, you are welcome. Oh and we will be neighbors soon.

  3. Movin' to the Granite State, are we? Well, there ARE worse places to be going... lots of worse places. Look at the bright side... you'll be very close to some really good skiing, fireworks are legal, no sales tax, no income tax (on wage income, anyhow), and you've got state-run liquor stores... times have probably changed, but they used to have the best prices around on booze... as attested to by the fact that there's a big NH liquor store right over the state line from MA on every major highway.

    Live free or die!

  4. Try Stimeyland. She is fantastic.

  5. I started reading your blog after you had the thyroid scare, mostly because I'd just gotten the same diagnosis, but your humor kept me coming back!

  6. I'm blogging the recession too :)

  7. Do you know how stoked I am?! Thank you SO much!


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