Tuesday, September 02, 2008

My Weekend Update

If you all must keep talking about Palin, I feel I have to interject my thoughts.
I like the lady, I think she is a interesting mother of five who can juggle it all. I love that now is the time when we could have a woman lead this country. I love that she is truthful about her typical American family. I love that she is a VILF. (vice that I'd like to fuck) I love that she is the "every mom".
Although, I would never vote for her.
I know that this has nothing to do with who she is or what she stands for, but can you have a V.P who wears her hair up in a clip every day?
I wear my hair up in a clip all the live long day, but that is my girl/wife/mom/NJ hair not V.P. hair! Vice President hair should be down full and luscious, I think, and it should never in a ponytail.

Also? Maryland drivers were the absolute worst this weekend on the NJ turnpike. What is wrong with you MD? That dick in the BMW who not only threw on his high beams and then flashed me to get over even though I was going 80? Karma sucks and I saw that the police got you a mile up the road.
Loves it.

Yes bitches, I cough my first fish this past weekend. I am thinking perhaps I didn't catch any fish with my dad when I was little was because my dad was not about the worms and we would fish with dunkin donuts munchkins. Just a thought.
E, on the other hand is all about killing a worm so his wife can catch a fish before she dies.
Cross that one list!

Check out my muscles. Wowza.

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  1. I totally agree on the hair clip! It bothers me that she has so much hair to groom. How can she help run the country when she's round brushing that mane?

  2. You crack me up! You are so right, Karma is a biotch...

    Fishing! So brave, not a chance in hell I'd have anything to do with that...

  3. Way to go on the fish!!! You're a better woman than me. I refuse to go fishing. I'd rather just sit in a boat and drink an alcoholic beverage!

  4. i would have loved to cook that sucker up!
    As for the BMW man - good! Bastard...hope the ticket was nice, too! I hate people like that.

  5. VILF! Nice. Can I use that? And not really bothered by the hair clips, necks are sexy. Plus she's got the whole sexy librarian thing going.


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