Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Notorious O L D

Tonight is back to school night and that, my friends, makes me feel old. I will be escorted to back to school night with a handsome young man of five months while the kids stay with the neighbors. I will have to figure out some way to see both of the twin's classrooms and meet their teachers. That stresses me out and stress gives me wrinkles and wrinkles are for old people.
So many other things have been making me feel old this week.

First of all did you notice who was doing those commercials for the Jitterbug?
Susan from Sesame Street. Old school Sesame Susan is now selling phones for the elderly because apparently she is their demographic. When did this happen?
I am glad Mr. Hooper is not around to see this.

Then last night I see LL Cool J doing a commercial for Sears! Ladies love cool James, but not Sears, Sears is where my mother in law shops. At the least I see him doing spots for Macy's, maybe even Kohls.

At least I don't have any grey pubic hair.

I need help with my birthday party questions so can you help me out over here today?

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  1. I saw Susan on the commercial! I couldn't be sure, but I'm taking your siting as a second and highly credible source.


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