Friday, May 30, 2008

Touch of Gray

Every parent thinks their kids are the cutest, but mine are very sweet aren't they? Even at 3am the smallest one of my brood is still cute.
Now that is love.

We are going to have a garage sale here tomorrow. Lord help me.
My mom is coming to "help" and I am sure I will curse myself for this stupid idea 3 minutes into the sale. I know I will have good stories that come out of it though.

Now during my most recent attempt at grooming, I think I may have seen a gray pubic hair. My god.
How so awful, I shutter thinking about it.
I am a young woman, I shouldn't be having gray hairs, down there! Yes, I went prematurely gray just like both of my parents did, but pubic hair?! WTF is that about?

I have since chose to believe that what I saw was either bad lighting or a very blond hair. In any event, I have removed the very blond hair and all of its friends. We will never speak of this again mmmkay?


  1. Kristi10:12 AM

    What is that old saying...? If you pull out a gray hair two more grow in its place...? Well, since it was a very blonde hair, then maybe you're ok! LOL

  2. Anonymous1:03 AM


    To my horror,I have a bald spot in that lower region.WTF is that.So I have to choices....shave it all or leave it,neither sound appealing oohhh the decisions.Anyway thought I would share since you were bold enough.
    This post was funny as hell and had me laughing til I almost peed my pants.

  3. You can't just put that picture in my head like that. :P
    Age does suck.. I just wish that area would go bald too. :D

  4. That was precisely where I found my first gray hair...perish the thought, the neighborhood has been unaffected since so I hope that was a one shot deal until I get past twenty nine...

    Anyway, I hope the garage sale went better than mine...they always seem like a good idea until you have to pack up and bring all the crap back INSIDE. I for one just load it up and shoot off for the Goodwill, once it's out, that's it.

    Much like the gray pubes, I suppose...

  5. Just don't pull a Samantha and dye it.

  6. ahhhh, ya. I've had one of those...then you are constantly searching for more! ;) Like my friend dixie said, wax it all off then you don't have to worry about the grays!!1

  7. Wow you know I never thought of that. Huh. I mean of course if you go gray on top you'll go gray on bottom but...I just never thought of that.

  8. Bawahaha! I laugh because I can totally relate. Consider it mother nature's attempt at highlighting.

    Okay, I'll stop stalking your blog now.


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