Monday, May 05, 2008

Hide Your Hooters Like You Just Don't Care

I never really knew how people could be so comfortable nude. Women in playboy, models and habitual nudists baffle me. I guess I just have never been that comfortable in my skin. Maybe its because I know how I look and judge (terrible, I know!) and don't want anyone to look and judge me. That is why I never knew how freeing it would be to breastfeed.

Every woman who has a baby knows that privacy and modesty goes out the window the instant the sperm squeezes in the egg. Legs akimbo, paper gowns and poking in your most private of areas is common place, a monthly then weekly occurrence.
Then the baby appears and more nudity, people cleaning you, catheters and boobs everywhere.

I had the lactation consultants visit every day to check my progress. I have even had one over the the house. I thought if I ever had another woman squeezing, massaging and manipulating my breasts I would have at least had an orgasm in the end.

Now, I whip them out in front of everyone and anyone. I thought I would care more, I would use my hooter hider religiously, but I can't care.
My baby needs to eat.

Funny how things change. Your body right along with your mind.


  1. I totally agree, once you've had kids it seems everyone and their brother has had a look at your private parts. There were no less than 12 people (mostly doctors and nurses)present at the birth of my oldest(she was a preemie). After my second I developed a raging breast infection. When the urgent care doctor asked me what the problem was...I whipped out those babies with no trouble at all.

  2. I ended up making myself a little breastfeeding cape that only covered the front whenever we were out in public. I am southern and I really think this has something to do with it. Before the cape, I hid out in restrooms, and got to know several very well. Little Elvis loved to eat!
    Once we were driving down a highway and I was trying to pump and I just knew all the truckers were peeking in at me. My husband laughed and laughed and laughed.

  3. LOL!!! Guys just don't know how lucky they are, huh?

    ya, I used to whip mine out too....who cares? it's a boob...I'm feeding my kid...that's what they were made for!!!

  4. let boobies ring!

    my hooter hider is now used to shield sleeping baby in sling from sun on walks and outside world to calm down.

    oh, and pumping with public in room. like mother in laws. no boobs for her.


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