Thursday, May 22, 2008


Yesterday I took my twins to kindergarten orientation.
I gathered them up, cleaned them off, scooped up the baby and off we went, into the unknown territory known as elementary school.
Sure the kids went to preschool, but this is different.
This is the big league.

We walked into school, put on our name badges and sat down in the auditorium. It brought me back to my school days, it smelled like elementary school. Like paste, milk in cardboard containers, construction paper and sneakers.
They called the kindergarten hopefuls one by one and gave them a buddy. They called my kids together and they were matched up to a cute, tie wearing boy named Josh. They lined up and off they went to the classroom to have a snack and do a craft while the parents were introduced to the principal and some staff.
I started to cry. This was it.
My kids were going off to start their career in school and I will never have them home with me all day, every day again. They were going to be separated for the first time in class and I know they will thrive. They will have their own teacher and friends, just liek they asked for.
I looked around the room and nobody else was crying. What a loser I was!
I hoped the other parents didn't notice as I dug in my purse for a tissue.

Even though I gave birth nine weeks ago, I am still going to blame this mini breakdown on hormones. Of course it is only kindergarten and I still have a baby at home, but in a blink of an eye won't it be high school graduation?
I just know it will.
I know I will be fine and so will my kids.
Just remind me of that again in September.


  1. Anonymous11:53 AM

    We did the exact same thing yesterday!!! We went for Kindergarden orientation!!!!! Crazy...where did it all go??? I gave birth 9 months ago and I was teary....

  2. I cried too. I still cry because they have these little plays and things they do and honestly it is like the cutest thing you will ever see.

  3. My oldest is in the 4th grade and I still cried, behind sunglasses, when she went to school that day. I have a feeling its not ever going to stop.

  4. It is totally OK that you cried. I cried today for no reason. I'm going with PMS, we'll blame it on PMS.

    When September comes you'll cry again and we'll cry with you!

  5. Colleen Ferne3:09 PM

    Tuesday, I always read your blog, but have never posted. First off congrats on the newest baby. I laughed at your posting today because I did the exact same thing with my son the day he started kindergarten. I cried and cried, and he was so happy, saying "bye Mommy, see you later..." I can still see him..and this was 18 years ago..he is 23 now.
    Keep up your great blogging...
    Take care...

  6. Oh, I just want to give you a hug. I know exactly how you feel. I cried every time we passed the school before my daughter went to Kindergarten last year. But today is her last day before summer & I am so excited that I get 2+ months with her. You have that to look forward to. And it does get easier, but I found myself watching the clock for at least the first month. You will get through it. Huge Hug!

  7. Um....I balled walking from my son's classroom to the van on his first day of Pre-K last September LOL. BALLED. And I was the only one. I felt like a lunatic.


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