Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Picture Time

I am still busy but here are some pictures for you to peruse:

L otherwise known as "The Rooster"

R the princess who rules the roost
Baby K who is 100% organic with 100% organic poops
but who cares about his poops with those kissable cheeks?
now it you will excuse me, I am off to eat these piggy toes!


  1. You have a beautiful family! I guess after so long of reading your blog it never really occurred to me that I had no idea what you looked like. In my mind I know you through your words so I had a vision already.

    I love pictures though...totally not brave enough to put mine on the internet!

  2. jacki, I hope I didn't dissapoint : )

  3. YOU ARE SO CUTE!!!!!

    and your kids aren't bad either! ;)

  4. lovely!!!

    What a sweet family!

    Aren't little baby boys to die for???

    Nice to "see" you all!

  5. Kristi1:39 PM

    Oh my goodness! They are simply beautiful!!! As are you, my lady!

    Wow, you need to do this more often. What a great Wednesday post!!

  6. Oh, save me from the cuteness that are baby feet... I want to eat them!!

  7. Gorgeous pics! You will be addicted to picture posting now, I don't think I can do a post anymore without visual aids!

  8. you are all gorgeous. And I know that you hypnotized E with your eyes...LOL!


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