Friday, May 23, 2008

The Friendliest Mom On The Block

I can't believe how many of you can relate to my kindergarten post. I thought I was the only geek sitting there crying on orientation day. Actually I was the only teary eyed mom at our kindergarten orientation, the other moms were talking away to each other.

Which brings me to another subject that I have written about many, many times. Moms.
Seriously, why are you guys so bitchy? I have never seen anything like this before in my life, bitchy, clique moms everywhere I go. Surely this can't just be a New Jersey thing, although we are not the friendliest bunch.
From the excluding moms at the kid gym to the moms at the park, you guys are never friendly, always absorbed in your selves or other mom friends, not even watching your kids. Even my husband who has been with me on various day trips to the park has observed what snobby messes you are.
Is it too much to include me in a conversation, or to just be friendly?

Someone who is readying this is the woman I am describing. You all are not without guilt, as am I, but I am working on it. I am sick of feeling like the new girl in high school at the park, school functions or at birthday parties. I will be overly friendly, and invite the women like me into conversations.
So if you see a mom alone go and make a friend, maybe she is just like me and needs a new mom friend or better yet, maybe she is me.

I spoke with a woman yesterday at chick-fil-a (yum) who had a 3 year old boy and a 5 year old girl. She was perfect for me! We spoke briefly a few times in between eating and wrangling our kids. I left before I could get her number for a mom date.
I let her get away. Chick-fil-a mom if you are out there, I will wait for you...........


  1. I am not the bitchy one of the group, but some of the moms I hang with are. Women are just catty by nature and then when you add the perfect child to the mix it makes them worse.

  2. Baby, I've seen this every place we've lived...California, Singapore, Seattle. As the new mom on the block (we've been here 3 yrs) I still get the moms who stand there and don't speak to you, but when someone else shows up they're all chatty. I've just always figured it was me, maybe I'm not that approachable. I think I'm fantastic, though.

  3. Anonymous8:20 PM

    Been there too.... and I am a 100% extrovert..I do make try to talk to whom ever is sitting near me at the park (I even try in Spanish!!) but I too have been snubbed (BIG TIME!!!!) This has even happened to me on a Seminary campus (made up of Christians who are supposed to be friendly to people!!!) Im sooo sorry!! It sucks!! Why they can't stop acting like they are in Jr. High is beyond me!
    In the meantime... I am off to practice scissors, letters and coloring with my soon to be Kindergardener!!! xo lyns

  4. Huh, I'm only about a year and a half into this parenting gig, but I haven't experienced this. All the moms I meet are friendly.

  5. Holly, consider yourself lucky!

  6. Kristi1:10 PM

    I know what you mean. When my kids were born (87 and 89) I was sort of feeling the same thing, but I am SO extroverted that I realized that once I got out more I was fine.

    The really good thing for me was sports. I was very athletic and so are my kids and when my son started peewee football at 5 yrs old it was a lifesaver. I live in a small town (basically in the Ft Worth, Tx area) so it helped that I've known all these people most of my life... I know you don't live where you grew up and that's got to be hard. I moved to California for two years when my kids were 10 and 8 and I thought I was gonna die! Soooooooooooo clique-ish! I'm not mommy club material.

  7. My son goes to a private school so I half expected the moms there to be bitchy, but my lord. They don't even smile at you when you shoot a smile there way. Everyday after school they cluck at one another and I feel like the walking social outcast, just like I felt back in high school. Some things, apparently, never change.

  8. I too am not the bitchy one. I am the president of my moms club and have made sure we are friendly to all new moms.

  9. OMG! you have hit hit the nail on the head. My son goes to Catholic school and they have a "mothers club" which is like the PTA. These women are the most stuck up bunch of peoplle I have seen. And when they do need to speak with you for something they are soooo condesending. they are continually asking for help but never call you to arrange something. I call them the MOMMY MAFIA. and it isn't just Jersey. Brooklyn is full of them too.


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