Friday, May 02, 2008

Sibling Rivalry

I took all three kids to target alone today. Yes, I am quite brave.
The trip went well if you consider well to be with a lot of yelling.
Wow, five year olds really argue a lot! Is it just because they are twins, or do all kids this age yell and argue all the time? I swear they are like an old married couple talking about how one doesn't like the other person's "tone" and the other yells about how their twin "never shares".
Then one cries and the other meekly goes over and talks it out.
"I will still love you even when you are fresh, or mean to me".

When I hear things like that it almost makes the fight OK. Almost.

Besides the five year old married couple bickering, Target was good. I got the breast pads that a cashier forgot to put in my bag last week and a new dress for a party we are attending tomorrow.
You know, the first holy chameleon.
Life is good. Loud, but good.


  1. Your stories are GREAT!
    I can't imagine being brave enough to go with three kids let alone a newborn.

    Love your writing!

  2. I love your stories too! And yes, ALL 5 year olds fight and yell and try to kill each least the 5 year olds in my house did that....years and years ago...

  3. Kristi3:58 AM

    That cracks me up! I love the whole, "I still love you..." thing. Too cute!

  4. Dude, you've got some major mommy balls to take 3 out shopping. It's not even the older ones, but the newbie!!!

    Kudos for being so normal! :)

  5. Anonymous12:43 PM

    I'm still afraid to take my TWO out...
    you would think they knew how to be civil in public by now but noooooooooooo......
    ~Diana @ Stuck...


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