Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Sometimes our kids pronounce something so funny, E and I never correct them because it is so cute. Like at Christmas when they were pronouncing Joseph as Jofus.
To us this was so cute and funny we let them continue to pronounce it that way.

Lay off, we are bored here.

This weekend we are going to a communion and all week long the kids have been calling it a "First Chameleon".
We just chuckle to ourselves. Yes, we are all going to sit around in church and change colors.

Psst, I have a contest going on over here.


  1. Tess always says Nicky Mouse instead of Mickey Mouse which kills me every time. I am at the point where I will hold up a picture of old Micky and ask her who it is just so I can bust a gut.

  2. XBoy says, "pa-je-ked" for package. Why is that so cute, but when an adult says, "Illinoiz" we want to beat them senseless?

  3. Very cute! I don't blame you for not correcting them. It's funny, and parents deserve laughs.

  4. Kristi7:11 PM

    I wouldn't correct them either. THe only thing that bothers me about people mispronoucing words is when the adults start saying it how the kids do. Like, if a kid says "wa-wa" for water so you'll hear an adult say, "You want some wa-wa?"

    I think Jofus is a much cuter name than Joseph anyway!!

  5. That is cute! I love when little kids say stuff like that. So innocent and honest!

  6. Our latest is : Elvis and the Chick-munks. I treasure every one of her little mistakes, they are becoming way too infrequent and I miss them. I love the communion one.

  7. I love this!!! My oldest boy always said "piney-pork" instead of porcipine!! and my 15 yr. STILL says "Ever Mind" instead of "Never Mind"...I don't correct him either.


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