Monday, April 21, 2008

Pinch An Inch. Or Thirty.

I wrote this post yesterday and blogger ate it, so now I have to do-over.

I know I promised new pictures last week but my camera is not cooperating. I desperately need a new one. DO YOU HEAR THAT KODAK? SONY? CANON, MY SWEET, SWEET CANON? ANYONE?
OK, then.

I know you must be sick of me complaining about the NJ weather this winter. It was dreary, no sign of snow at all and rainy. Perfect for doing nothing inside all day! Last week spring sprung here and we were frequent visitors to the parks and our backyard. I was hot and I complained I was hot all day.
Although it was more like summer temperatures really, I just need to loose this "baby" weight.
I can fit into my fat jeans with no muffin top and I can fit into my regular jeans with mucho muffin top. We won't talk about my skinny jeans.

My goal? Since I don't have a scale I won't talk numbers, I just want to be back into a single digit clothing size.
Let's hope nursing/carrying a baby around all day and entertaining two five year olds will get the weight off. (sure fatty, howabout you exercises?!)


  1. I am so with you on this! I need to loose 60 lbs to be at my ideal "skinny" weight. Everyday I say that this is the day I am going to start but then I don't. The worse part is that I have no excuse because I live in CA where it is always sunny! Since our litlle boys are so close in age, we should try to do it together!

  2. Summer, let's do it baby!

  3. I'm trying to get back into the single digits for my jeans size too.

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  4. I have been doing Weight Watchers (the points bit) and they have a program for nursing moms...I love it, I started in the middle of January and I am down almost 25 lbs. Super easy to do.

  5. I am sure you look great :) And I had a baby two years ago and I still need to lose 20 pounds to be where I was before she was born. I work out 4 times a week, but I eat like crap. So don't feel so bad :)

  6. Okay I am starting today!


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