Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Me, Baby and Crap TV

What I watch in the middle of the night while I try to keep myself awake enough to breastfeed this baby who wants to breastfeed for hours and hours and only sleep at the breast and not in his cozy, sweet bassinet:

The colon cleanse infomercial. This was so exciting to me at first, I would watch it over and over fascinated by its claims. Now I am sick of it, but still amazed by the male host who seems so grossed out, he just wants to run home and do one himself because there is probably worms in everyone's intestines!
Worms, I say!

12186 Nutra System commercials. Ex football players use it, Ex 90210 stars used it and even Jillian Barbarie? Wow, sign me up. Who couldn't lose weight if they ate a portion of food the size of a baby's fist?

Chelsea Lately. I hate this chick, but I keep coming back to this stupid show. I guess I can admit it is slightly funny, although I heard she dates the head of E! which may be why she has any show in the first place.

Keeping up with the Kardasians. What a terrible, forced, set up "reality" show. I can't look away from Bruce Jenner's face though and wonder, which cosmetic surgery really started making him look like skeletor. Between him and his wife some cosmetic surgeon bought another mansion in Bev Hills.


  1. ooo, I would love to have a tv to watch while nursing in the night.

    hmmm, If we get a new one for our bedroom, then the little one can be in the nursery! perfect!

    Hang in there, maybe a dvd or something to help pass the time?

  2. Bruce Jenner freaks. me. out!!! WTH??! and who the heck ARE these people? NOBODIES!!! so the girl has a big butt and a sex tape...so do I, but I don't have a reality show!!! I can't stand it!

    and having worms?....GROSS! But I would take a tape worm if I could lose weight!!

  3. Kristi3:47 PM

    I'm with you on each point. That colon shit grosses me out!

  4. Ohhh, you poor thing. I watch Chelsea Lately too ... I did NOT know her boyfriend is the head of E though! The Kardashians crack me up because Bruce Jenner is like, SO clueless.

    BETH! Big butt and a sex tape!! HA HA. I bet your butt is hot ... and the sex tape too. ha.

  5. I have memories of those all night nurse-a-thons myself. A TV would have come in handy!

  6. Ewwww... I agree that TV makes colon cleansing look so bad, but really it can be very helpful. It's really all about a balanced life style and exercise right?


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