Saturday, April 19, 2008

Mommas Gonna Keep You Right Here Under Her Wing

I have to admit, being a mom of three is kicking my ass. My five years olds are OK but they are not getting as much physical outlets as I would like and they need. They fight often. They are bored. All of which I understand.

The baby HATES to be put down during the day. He falls asleep, I do the "deep sleep baby test"tm which includes holding his arm up to see if there is resistance, and then carefully lay him down in a swing/bouncer/bassinet/car seat/crib only to have him wake up 2-10 minutes later.
This morning I literally was feeding him and or holding him for 4.5 hours straight. He sleeps great through the night, but during the day he is a challenge.

My body and my head aches. All I want is a shower and it looks like I will have to wait until E gets home later for that.
Dear lord how does Kate do it? No wonder she is so grumpy and pissy to her husband all the time!


  1. Dalton is the exact same way! He sleeps with us at night and only gets up once or twice and goes right back to sleep. But during the day I have to hold him for him to sleep. If I keep putting him down he gets cranky from not sleeping so I just end up holding him or putting him in the sling or bjorn, which is where he is right now, snoring peacefully. I feel your pain, sista!

  2. oh how I remember those days. My oldest boy was like I wish I would have just left him in his crib to cry it out a little bit! My life would have been much easier if he had learned to put himself to sleep!

    Keep your head too,will get through this. I told my daughter, when she has a baby, my only advice is to put the baby to bed awake, so he learns to fall asleep on his own. Worst mistake I ever made!!

  3. Aww, that is hard. It will get better, though.

    And I have NO IDEA how Kate does it! I love that show. She does get sassy with Jon quite a bit, though. She treats him like one of the kids :)

  4. Anonymous2:25 PM

    Sometimew we just need to relax...


  5. Tess was the same way...her bassinette was untouched, she screamed in her swing and the her baby butt didn't touch her crib til she was almost six months old. You have become a marsupial!

  6. Kristi3:59 AM

    Babies DO have to learn to put themselves to sleep. My doctor gave me some advice when my kids were little. He said, when they wake up and cry, just let them cry for a few minutes (that's how new babies exercise their lungs). After 10 minutes of crying, go check on them to make sure things are ok. Don't pick them up, but rather stroke their back. It took two days of this for my daughter to catch on.


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