Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Blogging Life

So, I have been doing a little thinking about this blog. Although lately I have had to make decisions like "should I blog or shower?" because I am so busy, I was thinking of taking this blog in a new direction. I am thinking about divulging more about me and my entire family then I have in the past.

This causes me to both be excited at the freedom, and scared to lose my relative anonymity. There is something freeing to be able to say what you want when nobody in real life knows you or your family but will I feel more free if I say those things when people who do know me read it? Could I write about things I want to write about if my mother or my best friends read this blog?
In the past I have chosen not to post pictures of myself or my children, but should I give more of myself to be the kind of blogger that I like to read?
Which begs the question do I blog to give myself and outlet or do I blog now because I want more out of myself so I have to give more?

Tell me why you chose to put pictures on your blog or how you decide what is enough when it comes to blogging about your life and family.


  1. I think for me living in a rather remote area of the country, reducing the liklihood that anyone might recognize either myself or my children, add that to the fact I don't use real names to reduce search finds, allows me a limited freedom about posting pictures.I don't do it often, but when I do, I don't worry to much about the weird things that could happen, and have happened to other bloggers.

  2. I mostly treat my blog as a scrapbook of memories.It also helps update my family and friends ,cause us moms are very busy to write and call each person. I dont post anything that would be shameful.Personally, I am not famous and most people dont read my blog .Its not like I am going to meet one of my blog readers in the grocery store,possible but not likely.So I post anything and everything I want.I am proud of my family,pets etc... so it all goes on the blog.I dont post about major fights,sex,secrets,or the old skeletons in the closet.All else is free game in my book.Pictures add more to the post and makes a blog fun to read.It is and will be a good memories for years to come.
    So I say blog all you want and post those pictures.
    Love Shawny

  3. Kristi12:18 PM

    My blog is pretty open. Maybe more than it should be. I always post pictures of my daughter (all my kids, but mostly her) and anytime there's an article in the paper on her I post the link,so I guess I'd be easy to find- but for the most part I don't even think about it.

  4. I've tried to make sure Little Elvis' name is concealed, as well as the actual city where we live. I do sometimes mention the general area, though. And my name and Bob's name.
    The blog is supposed to be for family members to keep up with Little Elvis and his shenanigans, so I keep out personal stuff between me and Bob.

  5. Anonymous2:18 PM

    I have been reading your blog for a while now. I think it is great place for me to connect with another mom struggling with daily life. Even though I have related to many of your posts and have thought about commenting before, nothing has moved me as much as this post. I think you have done a great job of sharing enough about yourself and your family for the reader to relate, but kept enough private so that your family is safe. I choose not to blog, although tempted, because I don't think I could keep enough of ourselves anonymous enough to feel like I would be keeping my family safe. I feel like the internet is an incredible tool to keep people in touch and invite readers to connect with an author, but it is dangerous too. I lean on the cautious side. I would rather be sorry I was too cautious than sorry I wasn't enough. For me, you are an amazing autobiographer/biographer that I can relate to because of our similarities. I don't feel, as a reader, I would get any more from your writing if I knew your real names, ages, location and saw more revealing photos. Just an opinion of an overprotective mom, wife, and pet owner : ). Please keep writing though...I would miss my daily Tuesday fix. Congratulations on the addition to your family too!!!

  6. I strongly agree with Anonymous' post. I don't blog for the very same reasons. When I read other blogs that post pics of their children, with names, cities, etc... I worry for these people and question their decision to be so 'open'. As a mom of a 14 and 9 year old (good lord I feel old), I always lean towards the more cautious side regarding the internet.
    In college I had a stalker and this was way before the internet. It was a terrifying time for me and eventually I had to drop out and switch schools (it was that bad). It can happen to anyone, you don't have to be famous (I'm certainly not).
    Please be careful, once it's out there, it's there for good, and you can't take it back.

  7. I tend to agree with Shawny, I blog and post things that I want to remember (or stuff that I don't think I want to remember but might get a kick out of down the road).

    I think of the blog in different terms than, for example, myspace where if someone really wanted to come after you it could be pretty easy. My myspace is private and I only add people that I personally know. The blog is really more of an open diary for me and eventually my daughter to read.

    I wish my mom had kept such records of my baby/toddlerhood! I think Tess will get a kick out of it someday.

  8. wow....I have always put pictures on my blog. My husband thinks I'm CRAZY for doing that...."There are freaks out there!" But.....this is who I am...this is my life, and that's all there is to it. I want to know who people are and have them know ME. and it is SO hard for me to hold back!!! I just tell it like it is! some of my family and friends read it....and they always comment to me about what I write. But I don't care.

    go for it!!!

  9. Just do what you are comfortable doing. I don't post a lot of pictures but, that has more to do with me being lazy than anything else.

  10. pictures, I am fine with displaying on my blog. I tend to hide names, relatively well and definitely do not talk about specific when it comes to where I live, etc. General info, yes, specifics no. :)

  11. I include pics but I don't use names. I mainly blog for friends and family who live out of the area.

    I rarely share my blog with friends or colleagues who live near me.

  12. Such an important question! It's been on my mind too! I've started to show more pictures and "open up" more on my blog over the past few months.

    My favorite blogs are the ones where I feel like I know the blogger and his/her family. That's what the blogosphere is really about, I think. Relationships and Connections. Don't you think?


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