Friday, March 28, 2008

Good, Bad & Ugly

The Good:
I can see my belly button again

I can see my feet again

I recovered from my c-section a lot sooner and easier this time. I think it was getting out of the hospital bed sooner and arnica.

The baby is such a good baby.

Breastfeeding. It is good to bond with the baby and know I am the only one who feeds him.

E is such a huge help with everything

The Bad:
My stitches still hurt

This lack of sleep is killing me

K had a rash all over his body today and I had to rush him to the doctor's office. turned out to be just a "newborn" rash that appeared a little late but is harmless. I was only slightly overwhelmed going out with all three kids 10 days after giving birth.

Breastfeeding. I am so tired it would be nice to have someone else feed him once in awhile. Like at 4 am .

The Ugly:
My incision. Gross.

My moods. I am a hot mess. I go from crying to being so0 grateful and happy. My hormones have really plunged and it is a strange ride, my friends.

Did I mention I am breastfeeding? It is hard and rewarding all at once.


  1. it's all a catch-22 isn't it??

    the sweating is what I remember the most. how hot I was all the time especially in the night.

    2 weeks until I'm with you sister!

    hang in there, sounds like things are super!

  2. Mel, I was so hot in the hospital!
    2 weeks goes fast, sleep now!

  3. Kristi4:43 PM

    Going out with three kids is a tall order. You're a better woman than me!

  4. I'm late - congratulations!!!

  5. Kevin is just adorable... congratulations!

  6. Oh, you! It's hardest right now, isn't it? Soon it'll be spring and you can go outside and tucker 'em all right out with fresh air, then maybe you'll sleep a bit more.

    Congratulations on recovering so well and having such a sense of humor about it all!

  7. The breastfeeding will get better. I remember being home just after Tess and just being soaked all the time. Sweat, milk, ugh, it was non-stop fluids. But it does end :)


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