Friday, March 07, 2008

Yes, A Fonzie Tee Shirt

I know you have to be as sick of reading about my pregnancy as I am about writing it. All I have to say is, I am still not dilated at all, but lets hope my homeopath's pellets will work their magic, after all I only have eleven days before they start coming at me with a scalpel.

My biggest complaint when looking at my baby pictures is that my parents dressed me like a boy. Flannel shirts, jeans, fonzie tee shirts, lots of overalls. Of course it was the mid 70s so I don't expect too much but c'mon. I also didn't have much hair until I was about 3, and then it was a mess of curls like Shirley Temple. It wasn't my best look.
I was looking through some of my baby albums and my kids were interested in seeing them. As we were going through it page by page my son pointed to a picture of me at about 4 with a mess of curls and some boy clothes and said "look there is my friend Nick".
Yes, even my son thinks I looked like a boy.
My mom will never live this down.


  1. Gosh, your pregnancy has flown by! Where did that time go?

    Will be thinking of you ALOT in the next few weeks. Here's wishing you a speedy and EASY delivery.

  2. Anonymous2:10 PM

    Good luck with your c-section!!

    And thanks for stopping by and entering my beach towel giveaway - good luck!

  3. I insisted I wear my navy blue Star Wars Iron On t-shirt on picture day in the 1st grade.

    So hot!!

  4. Have you already tried the walk, walk, walk and then sex, sex, sex that plus the pellets might just get you moving!

  5. I want to see that picture of you. you've got to post it!

  6. I keep coming back for baby news! Soon, soon, soon!


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