Saturday, March 15, 2008

I Will Be a Nursing Fool

I had tremendous problems breastfeeding after the twins were born for various reasons. My daughter nursed like a champ but her brother did not. That combined with complications from my c-section, and the fact that I got free formula for a year, led me astray from breastfeeding.

This time, I am full speed ahead on the breastfeeding train, and I am asking you the great Internets for help. Give me your best tips, tricks and breastfeeding products. Did you set a schedule or nurse on demand? Tell me how your experience was and what you wished someone told you before you learned the hard way.

Thank you and goodnight.


  1. If some random person sees a little boob before the baby latches on, don't let that bother ya. If a nice lady offers to fan your sweaty baby on a plane that's stuck on the runway for an hour and a half, accept the help. You can nurse in your sleep if you sleep with your baby.

    You know what let down feels like, right? I didn't with my first, and I nearly killed him because he wasn't getting any milk and was dehydrated AND jaundiced. So, make sure your baby is actually getting milk...

  2. Ok, I am a champ at breastfeeding, I did it for 22 months. It's definitely rocky in the beginning but once you get over the hump it is the easiest thing in the world.

    I nursed on demand. In the beginning this is very...demanding, but you won't have as many issues with engorgement and that is a good thing. Also, the baby will sleep better if he/she sets the pace. Mine slept through the night by six weeks.

    Nursing pads...lanisohl (lansinol? well, that lanolin goo) STOCK UP!

    The Boppy is your best friend.

    Make sure the baby's latch is spot on (I used that La Leche book and they had pretty good descriptions of a good latch.) Otherwise you will be terrified to see your baby spit up blood, freak out and rush them to the pediatrition only to have it explained to you that that is not their blood, it is yours, from your bloody nipples which were cause by a bad latch. me on that one.

    Seriously, I never used a drop of formula and I loved nursing :) It's worth it.

  3. Anonymous8:02 PM

    Two things...if you even read this... 1. BOPPY Pillow...Didn't have one for my first three..finally got one for our fourth and LOVE IT!!! IT great for a c-section too (i had four!!) 2. Go on demand...babies will set their own schudule with in the first few weeks...but on demand will keep your milk supply as a good two weeks babies go through a growth spurt and you'll actually get more rest if you go on demand.
    yet again...boppy boppy boppy!!! Best wishes...xo Lyns


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