Monday, March 10, 2008

Oh Baby!

No baby news for you yet. In the very least, this will be the last week of my life without a third child. Outside of my body anyways.

We may have to wrangle in our daughter. She was heard yelling for "L" her brother this morning. E went upstairs to see what she needed and she was still in bed under the covers and told her father she needed her brother to bring her coffee.
Girl power!

On the agenda this week: give blood to check my platelet count because if it goes any lower we are in trouble, and make a copy of my license to obtain a copy of my marriage certificate, to send to my stupid, asinine, horrible insurance company to prove that I am married to my husband. Sending them a wedding picture wouldn't do I guess. My husband needs to get a job just to get away from this insurance company.
Please keep good job thoughts for us, we are down to the wire and when he lost his job in November finding a new one by the time the baby was born seemed like a simple feat for a educated, talented person with a ton of experience in his field, but now here we are with 8 days left. Prayers, well wishes, positive thoughts, anything is appreciated.


  1. Countdown to baby - SO exciting!

  2. Hey...I lurk around sometime (after the bloggy carnival). Best wishes. How low are your platelets? Mine were 80K with my first daughter (and 90K with my second) and everything was fine.

    good luck!

  3. Anonymous5:59 AM


  4. leigh, delurk more often! : )
    My platelets were 119 last test and they don't want them to go under 100 because last pregnancy I bled out after my C section and needed to be under general anesthesia!

  5. oh wow! Keeping you in my prayers! Good luck!

  6. that might be the difference too because i didn't have to have a c-section. (although because mine were low they wouldn't give me any drugs).

    here is to happy high platelets. will they give you a boost of steroids to increase them?


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