Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tuesday Stinks More Than Monday

I wish I could write a new post about google searches that led people to my blog, but I just wrote one. The searches are getting crazier everyday. I know this because I am addicted to looking them up, essentially because I am dying of boredom here in NJ with nobody to talk to except three kids under the age of five.

I am also exhausted. Do you want to know just how tired I am? These are things I have done in the past three days:

-Cried because E told me how cold it is in NH already
-Got into the shower with my bra on and took minutes before I realized what was differnet about this particular shower
-Made coffee without putting any coffee in the coffee maker. Hot water, yeah!
-Ate cold spaghetti for breakfast yesterday because working the toaster seemed way too much effort.

I have bribed my children into being good tots today and not fighting amongst themselves with a trip to Chick-fil-a. It is kid's night so it is a trip for them, but it is mostly for me. I need a chicken sandwich asap and fill my IV with barbecue sauce stat!

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  1. Hi, Tuesday Girl. You sound very tired. I can relate. At one time, totally exhausted, I took the clothes out of the washer, put them in the dryer, and put another load in the wash. And when I went back to get the load from the dryer, I discovered that I'd forgotten to turn on the machines. Note to self: clothes dry faster when you turn on the dryer.

    Enjoy your bbq sauce IV!

  2. OH, come on... it's not even close to getting cold here, yet. I'm still wearing short sleeves and Logan is still going to school in shorts. In fact, yesterday was in the 80's. Tell E to take up skiing... lots of really good places not too far a drive from where he's at. Check out Gunstock ... they have night skiing during the week to 9pm (10pm on Fridays and on the weekends). That's a great way to unwind after work! Believe me... I do this myself, except I go to Mt. Wachusett here in MA. Really nice way to end the day!

  3. I have done the bra shower a couple more times than I should even admit! I sympathize with your exhaustion!

    If it's any consolation, you have given me my dinner plans for the night! My kids have been begging for Chick-fil-A forever. I'll be enjoying kids night out here in the world with you!

  4. Well, I once made coffee without putting water in. PS, that breaks the coffee machine. Then you're tired AND decaffeinated...

  5. A bra in the shower? Have you ever heard of "never nudes"? They are people that don't like to be naked. You better investigate. And also, another reason I know I truly love you, I ate cold spaghetti for breakfast just this very morning! Ha! I'm not the only one with raging garlic breath at 8:30 am.

    I hope you get some rest soon!

  6. Trish, I have done that too!
    UR, it was over 80 yesterday but what is it today? cold thats what!
    different girl, to obad we couldn't ahve a chick fil a dinenr date!
    jen- cold spaghetti too huh? you rock my world.

  7. Hang in there TuesdayGirl, I feel your pain. Love your blog, I just found you indirectly through twittermoms... How's that for convoluted?

    Peace. It does get better (although I never had three, Lordy that must be hard.)

  8. Awww Tuesday...that stinks! Starbucks double espresso light in a can was made for just these kinds of days/weeks. Trust me, I'm working on a solution to main line it during the day. I will share if I figure out a way to do this a.) legally and b.) with no pain.
    Take care of yourself!!

  9. ROFL I had to come comment. You took a shower with your bra on, you need coffee. hehe!

  10. All of my extended family lives in NH. Such a beautiful place, but I can't believe that it's cold there already! Wow. I love the Fall, but I want to keep the warm weather just a little longer.

  11. Anonymous9:37 AM

    That kind of tired is hard to shake.

    I've totally done the bra / panties in the shower thing. Also, the coffee with no coffee. I've also run the washing machine with no clothes in it. No shame in it.

    I hope you got plenty of BBQ sauce!

  12. LOL about the bra. The worst I've done yet(give me time) is leave the house without one (something I can't well pull off).

    If you need a smile, I've got four count them 1-2-3-4 awesome contests running this month.



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