Thursday, February 05, 2009

New Days

New Hampshire is pretty if you like the snow, which I usually like when it is falling and the stars are twinkling and everyone is cozy in the house with comfort foods and peaceful. In NJ the snow usually melts in a few days and everyone goes about their business. I can say with the amount of snow here in NH, I should be able to see the grass in May. It is pretty, when you don't have to shovel it.

The house is beautiful and E and his family have done so much to update it and make it nice for our family. The people so far have been friendly and I am getting to know the lay of the land a little bit. Everything is so spread out, it is hard to find things.
The kids like school so far, although R wanted to know why her new friend says "cah" instead of car.
That's my girl.

I have to download some pictures when I get a second and find the appropriate wires, which may in fact be days from now.
I have other, more pressing business right now like wonder why there are no toilet paper holders in any of the bathrooms and figure out what all of these light switches are for and also where could my dust busters be hiding because these crumbs all over this house are not going to clean themselves.

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  1. I feel the same way about snow. Pretty to look at, don't get it often(which is good) but don't want to live with it 24/7. That week before x-mas Seattle came to a stand still over 2 feet of snow. It was a nightmare. After 2 weeks though we got used to it being on the ground, that once it finally melted it felt a little weird.


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