Tuesday, February 10, 2009

This One Exchange Explains A Lot

"Remember when you came home from elementary school and told me you would never trade your lunch with someone else because I made it?" my mom asked me.

"yes, in fact I would never trade my lunch or snack because I just pictured you in the morning making my sandwich and that you picked out what you wanted me to eat at the store, and Daddy works so hard to have money to buy the groceries, I always felt to guilty to trade my food with anyone"

"even if someone else had something better?"

"yes, just the thought would bring tears to my eyes."
"I also would never try drugs because I thought that what if I was that rare person who had a reaction and died right on the spot. I didn't want you and Daddy to think I was a drug user and nobody would be there to tell you, it was only one try!"

My mom: "that's a shame"


  1. That's so funny. As someone who never has done an illegal drug, I take so much crap from my Dad about never trying at least, marijuana.

  2. Ha ha! Hey, at least your mom is honest and has a sense of humor!!

  3. LOL I'm one of those that has never even tried POT. My husband is on the other end of the spectrum (and 15 years older then me!) and has tried EVERYTHING. So when my Step son asked a few months ago if I had ever tried anything I told him. Nope..Never had any need too! When he asked DH...You should have seen him stumble. So then step son asked...So does that make Catherine Better then you dad?

    Tee hee hee :)

  4. you were a very sweet kid!!
    and your mom is funny!!


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