Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Spot

It is what gets you there.
It's the vavavoom.
It is your no-nonsense-no-backing-out-now-weak-in-the-knees "thing".
You know what it is but you never let a new partner know.
"He will figure it out on his own, and if he doesn't maybe he isn't right for me" you tell yourself.

And when he finds it on his own, it is fantastic. But, if he visits often, it is not good. "Less is more" you remind him.

It gets you hot, it keeps you hot, it is oh-so-very-hot.
Once E hits my spot, I want more, he can get me to say yes to anything, well almost anything.

I know you want to know, but don't make me share alone. My spot is the neck, slightly up from the nape and it is good.


  1. I'm a back of the neck person/top of the shoulders person. I am also in love with getting my feet massaged, but that turns me into a limp noodle, not a "hot to trot, let's get it on RIGHT NOW" mood.

  2. The ear. From the very first moment in happened to what I predict will carry on until my dying day.

  3. same spot for me actually. Always has been.
    good post.

  4. You know, I read this last night and have been thinking about it ever since. How sad, I don't know my own spot. Sure the neck gets me, but it's a hit or miss kind of thing. I am trying to think of a sure fire panic button. I don't think I have found it yet. I got to start my research!

  5. heidi, You have to find your spot!

  6. That's my weakeness, too... the neck!

  7. Right behind my ear. Also, when he tells me a credit card is paid off and good for usage...that'll do it too.

  8. When he cleans the entire house, cooks dinner and serves it...

    And allows me to play on my computer all damn day if I want too.

    and a vacation day from work.

    and a trip to the beach.

    and the planets are all aligned, and the moon is bright and high in the sky...

    THERE IS NOTHING LIKE THAT IN THE WORLD! But I don't believe it has ever happened but when it does ... oh lordy, you will hear me in New Hampshire (I promise).

  9. I'm allowed to be a little bitter? Right?

    I'm over 40, I'm old ... bitterness comes with age.

    [i am only kidding, sorta]


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