Monday, February 23, 2009


When you move to a new place, it is hard the first couple of weeks, or in our case months, to live out of boxes. Trying to find what you are looking for.
Trying to remember where you packed what. Let's face it, it sucks

Our situation may prove to be more difficult.
Case in point, this was in a single box I had the pleasure of openeing yesterday that was generically labeled "kitchen":

5 different baby soaps

1 pink kitchen towel which is assumed to be clean because I can't add one more thing to my wash pile

various pieces of silverware

1 cordless phone base

4 tupperware lids, their mates are unknown

A precious moments statue I received for my high school graduation from my high school boyfriend

1 wine goblet

1 disposable spoon and 3 disposable knives

1 watch given to my husband by his girlfriend who is now his wife

So you can see, unpacking is going along swell.

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  1. When we unpacked for one move, I found a garbage can. WITH A POOPY DIAPER IN IT! We moved 600 miles in 90+ degree weather and that poopy diaper garbage can sat fermenting in a hot moving truck for over a week! Eeeewwwww...

  2. In a roundabout fashion, moving is kind of like Christmas. An odd Christmas, but still!

  3. Oh my gosh ~ unpacking is the WORST! When we moved a year ago, the very first box I packed with our vlances & some other stuff mysteriously disppeared & I have still yet to find them. No matter how I always tell myself I'm going to label the boxes accordingly, it never seems to really work out that way.

    At least you're at your destination! Happy unpacking!

  4. I can totally relate, especially if you had a moving company pack for you...or maybe you packed? Everything was mislabeled and I couldn't find the house phone (because the base was packed separate to the phone) for almost a month. I finally went out and bought a new one.


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