Wednesday, March 04, 2009


I cannot live without freinds anymore and yes, we are lucky because E's great family lives here in NH and happen to be super close by and that means free babysitters for the first time in like ever and maybe we will be able to see a movie or go out to eat sometime without wondering if the kids will like anything on the menu.
So I sucked it up and took one for the team and went to a playgroup yesterday without knowing a soul.
I was prepared to find something to blog about the playgroup and have something to laugh about with E when I got home, but then I rememebred I am trying to reinvent myself here and I am being super kind and non judgemental.

The ladies were so nice and helpful telling me about just what there is do around here once all the snow melts and I can actually see the grass.
So now I am one of those ladies who attend playgroups with her large brood and talk about where the best playgrounds are and what restaurants are good and complain about the lack of baby gyms in this entire state. (How dare you close the one Gymboree!)

I attend another meeting tomorrow where I will pay my annual fee and be an "active member" and feel just like an everyday mom. This is where I am in my life and I couldn't be happier and you know what? I so fucking deserve to be happy.


  1. YOU DESERVE - dammit.

    all moms deserve happiness and although our children's being brings us alive like nothing else on the planet, it brings more joy when the kiddies can get outta the house and ruin the place and SOMEONE else has to clean it!

    It's only that much more of a break.

    Enjoy your new friends and babysitters and life!

    You sound content and that my dear is a rare thing.

  2. Ugg. I'm feeling you. You're doing all the right things.
    I've done the baby/toddler group thing to meet new moms when we moved...I even joined a bunco group...Ack! Those things are so not me, but I did meet some great moms and one super great mom who became my closest friend...and then my husband got another job in another state. Story of my life.
    Keep it up. You'll meet some ladies.

  3. Hooray! I hope you find a good group of people.

  4. Amen! It's great for you, and it's great for the kids, and gah, I know it's hard to step out and do that, but there are rewards. One of my friends here is a Mom a met in a small playgroup four years ago, and we both were stepping out of our comfort zones when we met. Enjoy being part of them!

  5. You DO deserve to be happy...and from the looks of your pictures, you are getting there. The women in your playgroup can't help but fall in love with you, so don't worry.

    Love your new house!

    Love the views out of your windows!!

    Love the signs of civilization! ;)

  6. Good for you. I have found my moms group to be a lifesaver during relocations!

  7. You DO deserve to be happy :)


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