Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What A Difference A New State Can Make

There are a few differences in living in New Jersey and living in New Hampshire.
Let me outline a few for you:

- 75% of the men over 40 look like they have just returned from the sea.
They all resemble the Gordon's fisherman and look and smell like salt water and a hard days night.

-70% of the women over 40 look like men.
Perhaps it is all the clothes they have to wear just to keep warm. Perhaps warmth trumps fashion everyday and they have just given up and decided to wear their husband's clothing. Hey look at me, I have no boons at all and you cannot tell I am a woman without a DNA test!
It is very recessionista of them!

-People stare at me all the time. I think it is really unusual and chose to believe they have never seen someone so beautiful before. It is probably because I have baby snot on me, but I chose to believe I am just H O T.

-No diversity. White people as far as the eye can see.

-Even the Dunkin Donuts suck. The donuts are super soft and doughy. Blech.

- Water smells like metal. One day you are just taking a shower and wonder why your hands smell like metal, then you wonder why you are imagining yourself showering in blood, the whole bathroom smells like iron! Finally someone tells you (4 weeks too late) that you have to put salt pellets in your water system thingy, to get the minerals out of the water.
Super gross. Don't even get me started on the hard water stains on the shower floors and toilets!
Water here stinks, see dunkin donuts above.

I will end this post on a positive, the sky here is amazingly blue every single day and the night sky is also amazing. I cannot remember ever seeing so many stars.
Does it make up for never having a bagel again? Nope, but it will have to do.


  1. FYI, they are staring because you are HOT.

    Anybody that visits you from home should be required to bring you bagels, or no entry. :)

    Happy St. Patricks Day!!!

  2. Totally have to bring bagels to gain entry to my house!

  3. I'll go with the super hot they gotta stare thing. Totally.
    And I have had to learn about the hard water here at my new house too. Can't stand it.... I feel your pain.

  4. It's Jersey...didn't they tell you about the in-breeding there. Just kiddin people, relax.

  5. You are HOT. No doubt they are stunned by your beauty.

  6. a little homesick? :(

    Maybe it is the water that makes the women look that way. Buy bottled!!!

  7. Totally hot! Or maybe they're wondering why you have that "I miss bagels" look on your face. I'd totally go with hot, though!


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