Monday, March 23, 2009

Hello, Goodbye

Have I even told you guys that we have an idiot, dufus realtor? Because if I didn't tell you guys about him, I am sorry that is A LOT of blog fodder you missed out on, because he is such a douche, it is almost laughable.

He was stupid fromt he start but (my fault) I didn't know when I signed with him I was locked in selling with him for 6 months. Of course our house sold 10 days shy of when his 6 months were up and I was just about to kick him to the curb and oh! how I wanted to kick him to the curb.
Curiously he just started showing interest in selling our goddamn house 2 weeks before the 6 months were up. Hmmm.
He was lazy, incompetent, didn't do the simple things we asked him to do to get this house sold and it was a wonder he stayed in business at all.

Now he tells us TODAY, our closing is April 2. We still have freaking boxes in NJ. Now we have to haul ass to NJ this weekend to get it before the closing.
He also asked us for our alarm code for the buyers.
WHY would I give you my alarm code for a house you don't own yet that has all of my stuff in it?
Activate the alarm in your own damn name and get your own code.

I can't wait until this house is sold and we don't have to deal with him ever again.
Then I will let his boss know how much he suckssssss*.

Now I have to go and say goodbye to our house all over again.
I just hope there is less crying this time around.

*The day we were moving he came to take the For Sale sign off of our lawn and I did tell him to shove it up his ass, but I said it from the front door and he was in the road so I am not sure he heard me, so just for good measure I will tell him again.


  1. Some realtors are just a pain in the ass!

  2. Um, definitely hell no on the whole alarm code thing! What an idiotic thing to request! I've never had good luck with Realtors. Thankfully, we've not dealt with them much, but I've yet to have dealt with one who ever heard what it was we were telling them. I wish you luck with completing the tasks ahead, and a 'hell yes!' on following up with this man's supervisor.

  3. Tuesday, I just want to hug you. There is nothing worse than a bad realtor.

    I'll tell you this, I cried like a baby when we sold the house I built, it had so many memories and so much of ME in it. In the end I realized one's just a house and the only thing important that ever was in it are the people in your family and you took all of that with you.

    Now, that being said, I would not only tell him to stuff the sign up his ass, I would find it and do it for him.

    Trust me, you may go to jail for it, but you'll feel SO MUCH BETTER. And? I'll come bail you out.

  4. He is partly to blame for us having to short sale our house and lose all of our money that was in it.


    You will bail me out? I am SO going to do it!

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