Wednesday, March 11, 2009


So there you are, a vlog of me showing the various teeth we have hidden in our drawers. Yes, I do have a stuffy nose as I have had every day since moving in this house. The previous owners had two big dogs and I am just keeping Kleenex and Claritan in business until we can get the vents cleaned.

I also am aware of the work needed on my eyebrows, there is no threading in NH so I have to go an alternate route which is okay. I would rather have threading but I kinda like the pain of hot wax with hair being ripped from my body.
It's the good pain, ya know? With the exception of the bikini area, that is really not good pain.
It is terrible pain, take it from me, but completely necessary.
I would rather 15 minutes of pain staring at a ceiling and doing poses that previously have only been done in my yoga class and some which E may or may not have begged to try out late night, with a older, round woman who barks orders and has her hands in the most intimate of areas and have to tip her after she just violated me 8 ways to Sunday, then have to worry about hair removal for the next 5-6 weeks.

Pretty much the best run on sentence eva.

So. Shall I do more Vlogs?

Just so you know, I will not ever vlog a waxing.


  1. just thinking of brazilian wax makes me dizzy! ouch!

  2. i loved the vlog. and i am so not brave enough to go the route of waxing DOWN THERE. *shudder*

    Maybe this summer...but i agree, it's not to be vlogged about!

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  4. I loved the vlog too! So fun!
    I am terrified of waxing anything!


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