Friday, April 24, 2009

Favorite Things

Something about the first days of spring mack me melancholy (see my sidebar). I reminisce a lot those first warm days, so today I thought I would share some of my favorite things growing up with you:

Freezy Freaky gloves- you remember the kind that when the temperature was low enough a "surprise" design would show up on them. My sister and I would just cheat and put our gloves in the freezer.

Pop rocks, next to candy cigarettes, best candy ever.

Vidal Sassoon jeans-you were nobody in 5th grade if you didn't have Vidal Sassoon jeans or Gloria Vanderbilt jeans.

Roos sneakers. They rocked because they had a pocket on the side of the shoe. I always put coins in mine for the ice cream lady. You don't want to be the one with no coins when the ice cream lady rolls up on you.

Pink roll on deodorant. I begged my mom for this deodorant way before I needed it because it looked so cool. Everyone should have a pink ball roll on deodorant.

Fruit stripes gum- this gum was delicious for 5 seconds then the taste all went away and it was like chewing rubber cement. Still good times.

Passing notes in class- was it the notes that were fascinating or was it the thrill of getting caught by the teacher? Rate these boys, who would you rather kiss and who is actually wearing a bra to school were popular subjects. Not to be confused with the cheating note, that just had answers on it, tucked under your skirt so all you had to do was look down and flip your skirt hem up a tad.

Saturday morning cartoons- having cartoons on only Saturday mornings and occasionally after school made them special.

Clogs- They were dangerous and made of wood, but I loved mine.

Ditto sheets- hot off the press by your teacher while you were in gym class

Chad Allen- He was my crush. Remember him from Our House with I-pronounce-diabetes-wrong- Wilfred Brimely & Shannon Dougherty?

Wigwam socks- Expensive, thick, bulky socks to be work mostly with keds with NO laces.

Small Wonder- Does anyone remember this show? A man made a robot and had her live with his family & told everyone she was their daughter? Such a strange and fascinating premise.

Big neon colored hair clips with splatter paint on them- preferably worn on the side of your head. Very cool.

I want to hear your favorites from your past and read the comments because I know your comments are going to make me remember some more great things that I loved.

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  1. running around the merry-go-round and jumping on when I could not run anymore.

  2. Candy cigarettes....ha! I thought I was the only kid in the world allowed to have those!

    Lip smackers...Dr Pepper flavored...and some perfume that smelled like baby powder, it was pink and it had a white dome shaped top. This is gonna drive me nuts...

  3. Stiletto mom, I was going to list that but I couldn't remember the name either! I LOVED that perfum!

  4. Love's Baby Soft
    Walking to hang out at (fill in with your favorite establishment) after a junior high dance

  5. What was that horrible lip gloss? Bonnie Bell Lip Smackers! it.

  6. Wax lips!

    And I LOVED Our House, especially the one where Chad gets a shiner and has to wear make-up. And I thought that Gramps was kick-ass!

    Oh, the days of passing notes. I still have notes from my best friends in high school in my scrapbooking bin. I'll never throw them away!

  7. I think I feel the same way the first few warm days of Spring.

    I don't miss much of the school stuff though because I am a middle school teacher and I am on the other end of the notes. I never read them so the students don't bother anymore.

    Small Wonder - I was obsessed with that show.

    I remember bib banana clips!

    We had the best Saturday morning cartoons. Now, cartoons seem to lack the fun Fred Flintstone/Jetson/Tom & Jerry appeal.

    I remember Pop rocks well. Do you remember how they said not to drink Pepsi while you were eating Poprocks? What about Swedish fish and candy cigarettes?

    Also Bon Belle lipsmackers, Love's Baby Soft body spray

  8. I'm much older than all of you, but I remember how cool you were in a pair of leg warmers.

    I even remember mini skirts, hot pants and tube tops..........
    wait, aren't those all coming back????


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