Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What Happens In The Tub, Stays In The Tub

This is the scene I awoke to in my bathroom this morning. So many questions:

When did it become acceptable to swim without bathing suits?
where is the silver surfer's surf board? Shouldn't he be needing it, being that he was in the water and all.
Where does hello Kitty fit into this partay?
Why do my parties never end up looking like this much fun?
Why are all the superheroes face down but the Belle and Pocahontas face up? Is this some sort of signal?
Lastly and most importantly, who the hell is going to clean up this mess?


  1. hahhaa. So funny. I have to admit I was a little scared to open this one thinking there was gonna be something else in the tub. Thank goodness it was just a plastic orgy.

  2. Whoa. What happened to Spidey? He looks a mess. It's one big action figure orgy in there. I'm not even sure if I spelled orgy correctly. I'm pretty sure I'll never need to know.

  3. Listen, I am the first to admit, it could have been anything in this post.
    I like keeping mah peeps on their toes.
    Can't we all agree what happens in our bathtubs should stay there?!

  4. What happens in the hot tub definitely stays in the hot tub. The chlorine will take care of it eventually ;)

  5. Why do the Superheros have on all their clothes and Belle and Pocahontas are naked?

    Just askin...............

  6. wowee... looks like a crime-scene that we just don't wanna know about. And I think it closely resembles our bathtub right about now, too. Minus Belle and Pocahontas.

  7. LOL!!! Great post! Love the comments too.

  8. Just visiting from the blog link a thon. This post is too funny, but I bet I know who cleaned it up. The same family member that cleans up at my house - the mom. Visit my sites at #29 and 30. I'm still laughing abou this one!


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