Monday, April 20, 2009

Weekly Goals

I am gearing up for having the kids home all week for spring break. This break happens to coincide with baby K having a breakdown which includes being glued to my side for every hour he is awake and even some when he is sleeping. He doesn't want to be apart and I love it, to a point.
That point is pooping. Nobody should have to poop with someone sitting on them.
Not even Fidel Castro. I beleive he deserves to poop alone.
It is distracting and just wrong on many, many levels.

This spring break just makes me more excited to look into a summer camp for them. Something at least 3 hours a day, 3 days a week sounds awesome to me.


I can't believe how much junk we have moved with us to NH. We have junk everywhere. We have a four car garage with 1 car in it, because the rest of the space is taken up by junk.
My kids have as much "stuff" as we do despite my throwing away, donating and selling some of it. It is amazing to me how many toys they really have and how they never play with them.
There are toy boxes filled with toys that are never opened.
Don't get me started on the clothes.
Bins and bins of clothes old and new (to us) are stacked in my garage and closets.
My goal this week besides trying to stay sane, is bringing various toys and clothing to Goodwill. Someone will love it.

Tell me your goals for this week. If it involves sending me alcohol and/or Chick-fil-a sandwiches, bonus points for you!


  1. My goals - to clean out my closet and drawers and get rid of a ton of stuff! Same with the toy cabinet, but that may have to wait a week or two.

  2. Ha! Yes, pooping really should be the great dividing point!

    My goals are sadly ongoing, and involve digging out my kids' bedrooms and getting drawers and closets ready for the warm weather. I rather hate that job.

  3. I will be finishing up prom, getting papers off to college, preparing for graduation along with all the other items involved in daily housework
    thanks for stopping by my blog and visiting

  4. Nothing is MORE charming than sitting on the pot, pooping and having your 2-3 year old yell at the top of her lungs, "POOP!!!" every time she hears a plop in the toilet.

    Good memories, thanks.

  5. I have 15 strollers to review for And I live in an apartment. The strollers are taking over. Agggghhhh. I must get these reviews done and get these beasts out of my house.

  6. We all poop.
    No one wants to admit it once they reach past age 5.
    My goals - to to gym tonight, Fri night and Sat AM. Have house cleaned for psychic party on Sunday AM ... make sure to buy all ingrediants for food for psychic party and to remember to COOK it ahead of time. Not when party starts. :)

  7. My only goal this week is to not kill someone. Namely my husband if he doesn't knock it off with the power sander he is using to accomplish his goal...which is twofold. Re-finish the door and drive me crazy in the process.

  8. Yard work.
    I had been ill last summer, and my yard was so neglected. Now I have a huge job ahead of me!
    I purged last year........but it was pretty easy. Ex-husband loaded the house contents in a moving van and took off!!
    Easiest spring cleaning I ever did!


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