Wednesday, April 29, 2009

There's A Fungus Among Us

When we moved into this house it already had all the appliances.
Old appliances.
Original-to-the-house old.
My appliances were new(er) so when we sold our house I took off the appliances on the listing and we brought them with us.
Now the way the kitchen is set here is a little out of the norm and where the refrigerator is, there was not enough room for my larger refrigerator from N.J. and we need our big fridge because we eat a lot.

There was a built in desk in the kitchen that I knew I would never use. So, I asked E to off it and rip that sucker out because I just knew my fridge would look perfect there. Do I need to tell you how right I was about that decision?

So, now we live with a kitchen that has two refrigerators in it. We are going to keep the one that came with the house because it is fairly new, and again, we eat a lot of food, so we were going to eventually move in into the garage once we knew what to do with the hole it would leave in the kitchen.
I don't use this fridge very much except to store some extra frozen meat, but when I opened it today to see what I had in there, I noticed it: mold.
Mold in my freezer!
Who even knew that could happen? Aren't freezer supposed to be cold enough to not let mold grow? I am so disgusted I cannot tell you.
Now added to my to-do-list for today is scrubbing down a freezer.

And yes, you waited for days for this most riveting post.


  1. UGH!!! Mold! In the FREEZER!?!? That's crazy!

  2. Blech! I've had that happen to me, too, and I thought the same thing as you. I do not envy your latest chore!

  3. Great Blog! This was my first visit!! :)


  4. Anonymous2:28 PM

    It is funny that it reads as if you're all going to move in to the garage eventually, but you're worried about the hole you'd leave in the kitchen.

  5. The house I am in now had a moldy freezer and fridge.

    I used it for two days with everything plastic bags, sitting on more plastic bags, and I was SO relieved when my new fridge was delivered!!


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