Friday, May 01, 2009

Husband Faux Pas #849578

Ladies, are you tired from a long week?
Do you need a large cocktail and a space to vent? Well, today is your lucky day.
I have had a long, stressful week myself, the pinnacle of which was when someone googled "grandma boobs" and got my blog.
The hell?

For the record, I do NOT have grandma boobs.

Then yesterday during a frank email conversation with my husband he says......are you ready......please take a seat this is a doozie..he says "At least you haven't had to work the last six years".

Ooohhhhhh yeah, he did.
I can't believe I am so tired from this 6 year vacation, I wonder why?

My gift to you ladies, is let him have it, go on...I will make sure he reads every single one of them. Even though our communication halted when those words were uttered.


  1. The hell?!

    You know what, most people get a little token after five years of service, and oh, yeah, you've been putting in some overtime! I think a little employee appreciation is in order!


  2. LMAO! I can't think of a snappy comeback because I am laughing so hard!
    That's hardcore.

  3. My answer is to just take a vacation from your vacation. I try that & then get all edgy seeing crap laying around, cops coming for the kids that were wandering down the street hungry and in their pajamas. Yeah,,,, it's a freaking blast!

  4. You've been on vacation these past 6 years??

    Huh. Make sure you ask him how he enjoyed his "vacation" that he took between jobs and let me know how that pans out.

  5. If this is a vacation, then I wanna go back to work 24/7!

  6. Everyone knows that you need a vacation to recover from the vacation, right? So, just so you can recover from that six year vacation you have been on, you will require another six years of REAL vacation.

    And as I say frequently, I work, I just don't get paid. No salary or salary increases, no two weeks paid vacation, no 401(k) matching contributions or stock options, no commissions or cash bonuses, etc. etc.

  7. All I'm gonna say is this. My husband once made that comment to me. And now he's an ex-husband.

  8. ooooh, OUCH. I'm going to give E the benefit of the doubt and think that maybe he meant "at least you haven't had to worry about losing your job the last 6 years." Because he's not an idiot.

    But just to drive the point home, I'd go visit my family in Jersey for the weekend, WITHOUT the kids. Let him deal with them. Leave on a Friday morning, so he can get them ready for school and himself ready for work. Let him see what a "vacation" that is.

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  10. Where's Uncle Guido when you need him?

  11. Oh no he didn't!?!

    I swear most men feel this way...until you're sick for two weeks and he has to do EVERYTHING.

    Still it deserves a smack up the side of his head.

  12. LMAO....
    where's his shin? And let me at it.

  13. Daddy needs a time out.


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