Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ladybug Love

One fall day after we had just moved into our house in NJ, I decided to plop down on the couch while the twins were napping and watch TV. I don't remember the program that was on when I turned on the television but they were talking about loved ones that had passed away and how they were sending signs to them.
Lights on when they hadn't put them on.
Finding pennies where ever they go.
One story was about seeing ladybugs.

I thought that I would like a sign from my Dad, that he was okay or that he was with me. I hadn't had any and really, I know this is stupid, but I felt let down.

So I decided to test this theory. If my dad wanted to let me know he was with me, then I will see a ladybug right now I said to myself.

So, off I went into the family room because there were big windows there and if I was going to see a ladybug that was where I thought one would be. I looked on my plants, on the window, on the bar- and nothing.

Again I felt so let down. Why couldn't I get a sign?
I heard a car door slam and went to the front door to let E in, and as I did I saw 1 perfect ladybug on my exterior door. I put out my finger and let it crawl onto me. I couldn't believe it but surely it had to be a coincidence.
I opened up the screen door to let E in and I looked down.
The doormat that was there when we bought the house had ladybugs on it.
I had never noticed before.

The earrings I got for Christmas that year were ladybugs, the wind chime my step mother bought for my house has a ladybug on it.
They seem to pop up everywhere.

Now, every once in awhile I see ladybugs in strange places and strange times of the year, when you really don't see ladybugs. When we moved into this house the first thing I noticed was that there is always ladybugs in the master bathroom.
Now when my kids see them, they just say "Hi Grandpa! Mom, Grandpa is checking on you!" and I laugh because I love it.

Could it all just be a stupid coincidence? Sure.
Does the universe work in such a way, do people die and actually "go to heaven" where they send things to people they love and signs? Probably not.
I will never truly know the answer but I do know that I chose to believe I have some force out there and that it is looking out for me and maybe, just maybe, sending some love.


  1. I want to believe the very same thing, and can almost wrap my head around the idea that it's possible. And it's beautiful.

  2. I always look for signs that my father is looking after me.
    Sometimes I swear I can smell the sweet pipe tobacco he used to smoke.

  3. I love this post. Miss G used to talk to my Mom all the time when she was a baby...I never had to look for a sign because on the days I was missing her, G would bust out with, "Your Mommy doesn't want you to be sad..." Now that she's gotten older, she doesn't do it as much, but MAN, those signs when they come are so powerful aren't they?

    Cherish them....

  4. Thats gorgeous! I never looked at it that way before. I have a ladybug upclose and personal on camera a couple weeks ago and I'm wondering if that was my grandpy or hubby's dad...


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