Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Its A Man's World And We Just Try To Defy Gravity In It

I know what my husband meant when he said those words that shall not be spoken again, that I wrote about in my last post. He was saying I have not had the burden of being the sole breadwinner in this family.
I get it.

I am sure it must be stressful because thinking about money and how little of it we have especially after the last year kicked our asses, is something I worry about every single day as well. You know what I say to that? Welcome to being a man.
Be glad that on top of that stress you don't have to add cramps, gynecological exams and trying to not spend your Kid's college tuition on pads, tampons, under eye concealer and bras.
I say it again, if you have any doubt it is a man's world just look at the price of a bra.
Then look at the price of a good bra because you need a good bra for support because after what being pregnant did to your body, you need every advantage you can get and gravity, she is a bitch.

If that isn't enough for you we can talk about sex and how much you want it..........

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  1. Glad to read such a position, since I'm turning everyone into a shocked statue by saying the exact same thing. When it comes from a woman, it's like you're the worst mother/person ever. When a man said it: it's a ironic truth. Hallelujah!

  2. I have no idea why men talk with their heads up their arse.............
    They just do. and if we REALLY did nothing all day, where would his clean clothes be? his dinner? his childrens homework? bills paid? errands? taking care of in-laws? sick children? participating in school activities? dinner parties for bosses and co-workers?

    and I haven't even really started............


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