Friday, May 22, 2009

A Girl And Her Fashion

I have been noticing some American Apparel ads on some of the blogs I frequent and really I cannot believe what I am seeing. Perhaps I am out of the fashion loop because I am a mom and I do live in NH now where the state uniform seems to be a beard and overalls.
And don't get me started on the men.

Maybe I have been away from NYC for too long because this cannot be what is "in"

Just what every 2 year old needs, sparkly leggings! This is a must have for the playground set. Bonus! You will never lose your child in the park again, when the sun hits these bad boys You will be stricken blind and as dusk approaches you can get your child and go home.
Plus! With diapers there is no camel toe embarrassments. Hear that Celine Dion? Wear Depends.

Yes, please can I have the same seersucker gingham bloomers as my 13 month old?

I was just watching Girls Just Wanna Have Fun this morning and was wondering where Sarah Jessica Parker got her leotards! Also can be worn as Jennifer Beales for Halloween.

Stop! Hammer Time!
The print is bad enough but hammer pants?

So Kathy Ireland! If the metallic print wasn't enough I can just picture one of my kids unzipping me at the beach. So not right.
Unless you are servicing senators in your high priced hotel room. If that is the case buy 2!

I couldn't even check on the maternity clothes. Scary!
I may be getting old but I can't imagine buying anything from this company except plain white Ts (what a great band name!)


  1. HA HA Yeah half the time I watch the runway shows I am thinking, "Really? Do people BUY that crud?" Fashionista I am NOT.

  2. What in the world is the name of that company? That's hilarious....

  3. Those hammer pants would be just the ticket if you had a prolapsed uterus.


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