Thursday, May 28, 2009

Highlight Yourself

There is something to be said about a quick visit fo the salon for a touch up of your highlights.
It rejuvenates you, makes you feel like a real person again, a person worth the touch ups to your roots.
I think the problem with Mothers is that we forget that sometimes, and are judgemental of the woman who do not forget it. The woman who schedule massages, pedicures, monthly facials and a blow out.
Maybe we are envious of the money they seem to have. Maybe we are envious of the time they spend on themselves. "Time that should be spent with their children" you tell yourself.

Yes, money and time are tight for many people, including myself.
Make yourself a priority, make yourself feel pretty, or sexy or happy. If you do, I swear your family will feel it too. You can't be a good mother without your "Me" time, your rejuvination.
So do without the Starbucks once a week or forgo the trip to Wendy's with your children and go get yourself a $10 manicure. Maybe splurge for the $5 chair massage afterwards.
You will thank me.

And it is SOO worth it.

* this picture taken with no makeup on and maybe I forgot to moisturize my skin today also. No judgements!


  1. Couldn't agree more! I make exercise my "me time" it makes me such a better mom after a good run. But a pedicure isn't bad either!

  2. I wish I could run Nicole! It looks so appealing but I can't run for my life. It bores me.

  3. I am returning pop bottles tomorrow in hopes that I have enough to put a nice dent in the cost of a manicure, which I'll pay for with the addition of a coupon! The time? Totally worth it!

  4. RAWR girlfriend! The highlights look awesome!


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