Tuesday, May 12, 2009

We Pump Fists Not Gas!

When I moved to NH the first thing I did was look up a Moms group. Luckily my husband's cousin's neighbor RUNS the moms group in our town. I have been faithfully attending for almost 3 months now and I love them.
I finally found some moms who are willing to be my friend and have actual conversations with me and invite me places. In NJ I lived an hour away from my friends so I didn't have that as an adult with children.

They are sweet and helpful and like my kids and I like theirs. It has been wonderful.

It makes the transition so much easier for me.
Although I still hate driving 8 miles to Target and 6 to the grocery store when I drove 1 mile for everythingyoucouldeverwantincludingactualrestaurantsthatarenotchainrestaurants.
THAT takes some getting used to.
Want a cake but forgot eggs at the store? You are shit out of luck because I am too lazy to drive 6 miles for eggs.

E still puts gas in my car because I refuse to learn.
Passive aggressive much?

Now I am off to go get ready for the Real Housewives of NY reunion and the premier of real Housewives of NJ, which my friends and I have been dying to see for months.
Don't even get me started on the stereotypes of NJ and all everyone thinks of NJ is mafia and Italians because that is all the media portrays.
Not that there isn't Mafia and Italians all over the joint, but hey, we have such kick ass restaurants a girl cannot complain.
So, watch tonight so we can discuss!
Jerzey Rulez!

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  1. It's not all Bon Jovi and Broooooooose!, either, right?!

    How fantastic you've found a great core group to hang out with!

  2. I want someone to pump my gas.....

    I'm glad you are adjusting to the move. At least it's not 20 miles for eggs!

  3. Watched it...talk about a bitch fest, OMG!!!!

    Ramona drives me crazy, and Kelly doesn't seem to have two thoughts to rub together...and Simon needs to come out of the closet, poor guy.

    Watching it has become my secret obsession. And the New Jersey moms look like they won't disappoint!


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