Thursday, July 16, 2009


I can't read any articles or watch any television shows about this economy. I turn off the TV when Oprah has a show on middle class families living in a shelter and I put down the Time magazine with articles on what jobs are still booming.
I don't have to see or read about it, I have lived it.

Long time readers will know that times have been very hard for us. After E lost his job, there were a ton of other people looking for the same work in the same field as he was. The truth of it is, if we didn't have family we would have ended up in a shelter.

We were not rich, we were....comfortable. We had a very nice house in a nice neighborhood in a nice state. We had two cars (one was a company car) and some nice furniture and 3 great kids.
When E lost his job he also lost what came with it: our insurance, his life insurance, his car, his 401K, laptop and a lot of pride.
If it wasn't for our family we would have lost our house, not have any cars (because of course my lease was up the month after E lost his job and did you know people don't sell cars to people who don't have jobs? Strange!) and probably would have ended up in a shelter.

So, the people I judged in the past about not having insurance ("who doesn't have insurance? Just get a job and it comes with health insurance" my naive ass once said), the people I judged about having kids they couldn't afford, the attitude I had because E and I are both intelligent, educated people and how could we ever not get a job, I am sorry and I have learned my lesson.
I have walked in their shoes, but for the generosity and kindness of some people, there goes I.

I will never judge people again.
I will never think that cannot happen to me.
I will never take for granted what I have.
I will always remember what is the most important things in life.

The next time you see a homeless person don't turn away offer him a dollar or a meal. When you turn on the TV and there is a show on homeless families watch it. Those people could have been me, and they could have been you.


  1. There is a time in my marriage, when things were so 'one day at a time' due to my husband's job situation and our fears (though he was keeping his inside because he didn't want to scare me more than I already was) that he even considered something drastic so I'd get the insurance money. When he confessed that to me, when he finally let down his wall of fear, I felt even darker inside, but I also knew that we'd get past the day when we had reached our darkest points. I'm not saying we're completely out of them. Not by a long shot. When I look at our bank statements versus what bills are due, I play a game of what comes first, but I never take for granted, as you say, what we have, and while I hate that the boat is so crowded with others who are also in it, I'll never take for granted that we're not alone in it.

  2. Amen. I've been out of work for a year and a half and I no longer have a car. I'm there. Well written!

  3. we play juggle the bills every two weeks on pay day (and thankful to HAVE a payday). Which bill NEEDS to be paid this pay period so that something doesnt get cut off? Which bill can I call and put off until next pay period? Scary stuff. If my husband loses his job we will be those people in a shelter. We have no back up money, and not a lot of family. I understand what you are saying. Completely. Im glad you guys are ok right now.


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