Monday, July 06, 2009


My in-laws are coming today for a week. Their visits are so much less stressful here because they stay with E's Aunt & Uncle. My mother in law is an immaculate housekeeper so I am cleaning and straightening the house like a mad woman. No matter what you think of your mother in law or what she thinks of you, you still want her to know you keep your house clean.
Even if it is a illusion.

I am also refusing to let myself write about Michael Jackson or Jon & Kate. Or the fact that I got carded at the grocery store last week when I bought cooking wine.
It is enough to make me implode.

I will leave you with some great links for you though while I am cleaning whatever my kids are messing:

Win a 6 piece layette set from First Impressions!

Find out how I taught my kids to ride their bikes in 3 minutes flat

Win a pair of ADORABLE pair of WeeSqueak sandals

Win a set of cool band aids including a make your own which I am dying to steal

Here are 46 cheap or free summer fun ideas to do with your kids
because we all know how long summer can be when you have kids!

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  1. Enjoy the visit. Don't clean TOO much, maybe if you leave a few messes, your MIL will clean it for you and you can take a break!

  2. Good luck with the inlaw's visit. As I'm desperate to teach my 7 year old to ride his bike (he's altogether not that interested and it often depends on the day), I'm off to read that link!

  3. I always thought it was a great idea to leave the house a mess and let the MIL clean it when she got there. hehe


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