Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The One With Good News- Finally!

Finally after almost two years, hundreds of phone interviews, countless face to face interviews, hopes being lifted and dashed, E has received and accepted a job offer!
The offer is good. It is selling something to pharmaceutical companies instead of being a pharmaceutical rep like he has been for over 10 years.
It is with a small, laid back company and seems like a great fit for E. He will still be able to work with his cousin and when the economy gets back on its feet, and the people get back on their feet the company will flourish.

We have been feeling like we were drowning for all this time and it has been hard and the sacrifices have been great. It was worse than I ever wrote about, partly because if I wrote it out-if I had to see it in black or white, I might just give up. It has been more than stressful and it is visable on our faces.
We have been low.
We can only hope this is the upswing, that we were meant to move to this state and it was for something bigger than we could imagine.
We can finally devote our energy to our family and although we will in no means be rich from this job and the next couple of months will still be a struggle, we can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Thank god for light.


  1. Congratulations :) Im very happy for you!

  2. YAY and congrats!!!! this is great news!!!! :)

  3. I'm so happy and relieved for you and the family. That gives me hope that we can turn the corner and recover from this. My husband took a second job a few weeks back, just to bring in more income. I've never seen it this bad.

    Congrats Sweetie.

  4. I will let this post be my incentive. It has to happen sooner or later, right? I just can't give up.

    Congrats on the new venture.


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