Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My Week By Numbers

Number of days I have been sick: 3

Number of resumes I sent out this month so far: 25

Number of calls if inquiry on said resume: 1

Number of interviews I have had for a job which would require me to answer calls for a funeral home in the middle of the night and train in an actual funeral home & watch in-calls, funerals and embalming: 1

Number of days I will have this never ending cough: 343985

Number of days I forgot was early dismissal for school and thank god I didn't leave the house when the bus pulled up 2 hours early: 1

Number of bagels consumed when my mom and sister visited this weekend: 2.5

Number of times I have threatened to throw away all leftover Halloween candy in this house since Halloween: 15

Number of times the baby has thrown food directly at my head today alone: 4

Number of times baby has done something so cute that I forgive the food throwing: 74384

Number of time I will use this bit for blog fodder until it gets old: you tell me.


  1. Number of times it gets old - 0

  2. Hope the days until you start to feel better are few. My husband has been sick now for more than three weeks, and speaking from one who has listened and watched him, I get a sense of how exhausting it can be. If bagels cured all, he'd be better by now, and my rear end would be bigger, too!


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