Monday, November 09, 2009

Thank You Frailty, Thank You Consequence,Thank You Thank You Silence

I really do have to tell you how much I love you guys. To take the time out of your day to read my sill little space on the Internet, it means a lot to me. I feel like you guys have given me so much more than I have given you over the past year.

There are days I just want to quit this blog because I feel like all I am doing is whining about my life. There are days when I can make a lighthearted post or rally enough to make fun of my situation or my encounters with people who have never heard of a stromboli and need a 5000 word description of it from the waitress.
Most of the time I just want to get the words in my head out, clear myself of the toxins, it was very cathartic but now it just gets me more upset.

I was literally moved to tears to see people voting for me to get that job, sending out tweets for votes, sending me emails of suggestions and comfort. I cry every time I get a comment on here telling me to stay strong, that my family will weather this storm, that brighter days will come- that they will have to.
To know that virtual strangers are sending positive thoughts and prayers is overwhelming to me and my husband.

In my last post I wrote that I started this blog to feel connected to other new moms, to record my life in a time where life was very hectic to this new mom of twins in a new town.
I am not the best writer, this blog doesn't have the most traffic of them all, it is just my little space to figure things out, note the stuff I want to always remember and hopefully one day soon look back and think how far we have come.
I decided to keep writing here and record whatever I want, whenever I want and not feel like I have to write, but write when I need to.
I thank you for reminding me of that.


  1. Yes, one day soon you certainly will look back and see how far you've come. I'm sure of it.

  2. I agree with The Only Girl ... just hang in there!

  3. I am trying you guys, trying so damn hard.


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