Monday, November 30, 2009

Which Do you Prefer, Grey Or Black?

I have needed to touch up my highlights for months now. The greys have taken over my head and I have kept putting it off because a trip to the salon is not something I could spend money on.
I am obsessed with these grey hairs and pluck them out every chance I get and it drives E crazy, but do you want a 30 something year old wife with grey hair dude? I didn't think so.
The other day a PR rep sent me a email about a natural hair coloring kit that you do it at home, and would I like to review this for my site?

Thank you Ma'am, I would!

I had put off using this product because we were going home to NJ for Thanksgiving and my mom offered to treat me and my daughter to a salon visit to do a touch up on my hair & have my old hairdresser tell me exactly how to apply color at home.

Well, at the last minute we couldn't afford to make the trip to NJ so I was out of luck on the hair color front.

So, this weekend I took out my box of hair color and taught E the finer points of hair coloring as seen by my hairdresser. I read the instructions three times, then once more out loud to E.
You see where this is going, right?


The ends of my hair are black. BLACK.
The roots and top of my hair is slightly colored but guess what is not colored? Not even a little bit?
The grey hairs.
They are laughing and pointing and getting a kick out of this while I curse them.

Now I have two toned hair WITH greys mixed in!
I am soo hot! I swear, it is the newest look it is called the frazzled house woman.
Haven't you seen it on Lindsay Lohan?

I thought this natural hair color with its plant based coloring crap would work, after all I went to a "green" salon in NJ and came out with awesome plant based highlights every 3-4 months! It was a messy, terrible experience and it makes me hate being poor* even more.

Now please excuse me while I attempt to wash this black out of my hair again, for the 23 time.
Did I mention the bottom portion of my hair is black?

* Positive thoughts everyone, E is on a call back of a job interview again today in NJ. Please send your prayers, good vibes, energy or luck on to our family?


  1. Oh, every time I color my hair at home, which is pretty much, well, all the time, unless I can afford to visit the beauty school, and then I keep my fingers crossed the whole time (!), something close to this happens to me. I have gray hairs at my temple that refuse to have color stick to them. They're hardcore!

    Fingers crossed there's good news with the second interview!

  2. Good luck for the job interview! I color my own hair now, too and hate it so much (the mess!). Finally, I'm sorry you couldn't go to NJ for the holiday. Hopefully soon you can go back for good :)

  3. SO SORRY about the hair fiasco!!! I would TOTALLY dye your hair for you if I were there. Plenty of experience dying my mom and sister's hair.

    Go E!!! Hope you get that job!!!!


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