Thursday, August 19, 2004


I never told anyone in my "real life" about this blog. I never wanted anyone I knew to read it. I started it just for me, something cathartic for myself. I think I have been outed though.
I think someone I know found it.

My first instinct was to erase it. Leave, skip town with no forwarding address.
I am not sure though. This is going to take some thought.


  1. I haven't either besides my husband and he doesn't care what I say about him. What makes you think that they found you?

  2. yeah i outed you. i work for cia...what can i say? you knew that though. and by the way...people in real life knowing you blog isn't that bad. in fact all my friends are always better blog about this. and i'm like i dunno maybe and they're like no come on you got to and im like i'll think about it no promises though and they're like okay did i tell you you're my best friend and then im like buy me a beverage and i'll blog about this. and they usually agree and then i don't and they start to cry.

    whateva whateva...i do what i want

  3. Some of my "real" friends know about my blog. At first I was freaked by it, but now I'm cool with it.


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